10 Remarkable Health Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

Korean red ginseng has a long list of health benefits. Korean red ginseng, also referred to as Panax ginseng or Asian ginseng, has always had a prominent place in traditional medicine for several millennia.

Korean Red Ginseng

Contemporary and historic applications of this herb include treating erectile dysfunction symptoms, supporting cardiovascular health, and boosting immune system.

Advocates argue that the benefits of Korean red ginseng stem from the herb’s anti-inflammatory, prosexual, cardioprotective, antidiabetic, anticancer, and antioxidant properties.

How Korean Red Ginseng is Obtained

Ginseng does not come in the red form naturally. Red ginseng is obtained by heating ginseng through the method of steaming or exposing it to direct sunlight. Then, it is marinated with a herbal brew that leaves the ginseng root brittle.

UsingĀ  steam for this method of preservation, followed by drying properly, ensures that all natural elements in ginseng stay intact, thereby making sure that there is no loss of medicinal benefits.

Red ginseng is produced usually by processing Korean ginseng roots only. Owing to the effort and time required to produce the final product, Korean red ginseng is quite expensive.

Nutrients Contained in Korean Red Ginseng

Containing natural enzymes, essential oils, amino acids, and vitamins, Korean red ginseng comprises an unrivaled mineral content too. The herb offers the body a broad range of beneficial nutrients, owing to the presence of 42 natural minerals in it.

Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

  1. Boosts Energy

Red ginseng contains ginsenosides that help in developing enough strength in the body to enable it withstand physical, biological, and mental stress. Ginsenosides also help boost coordination, endurance levels, and muscle tone, and they sharpen the reflexes. Such changes result in an increase in energy levels. Owing to these benefits, red ginseng is employed by athletes to enhance their athletic performance.

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  1. Increases Immunity

Several studies suggest that red ginseng helps to stay healthier, particularly when it comes to flus and colds. It was also suggested by one study that when individuals using red ginseng got colds, they were less severe.

  1. Is an Effective Antioxidant

We need enough antioxidants in our bodies to counter oxidative damage and free radicals. Korean red ginseng is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants can help you stay healthy, mentally sharp, younger feeling, and younger looking. Antioxidants support almost all signs of vitality and health.

  1. Improves Heart Conditions

According to The National Institute of Health, there is scientific evidence supporting that Korean red ginseng produces antioxidant effects, which may benefit heart disorder patients. They state there are several studies suggesting that red ginseng reduces oxidation of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

In 2008, a study carried out in South Korea with red ginseng involving mice, found various benefits including reduction of triglycerides in liver and heart tissues, plasma, and increase of plasma HDL (good cholesterol) levels.

  1. Reduces Blood Sugar

As per NIH, scientific evidence suggests that Korean red ginseng may reduce levels of blood sugar in type 2 diabetes patients after and before meals. A noteworthy advantage of ginseng is that it does not reduce sugar in blood to dangerous levels.

In 2006, a study at Toronto in Canada found that red ginseng led to improved regulation of insulin and glucose in well-controlled, type-2 diabetes. However, the effects over the long-term for type 2 diabetes patients are not clear, and further research is required for determining effective and safe dosages.

It has been cautioned by NIH that type 2 diabetes patients should seek the advice of a medical practitioner and not take ginseng as a substitute of therapies that are more proven. More studies are necessary on ginseng effects forĀ  type1 diabetes.

  1. Helps You Stay Sharp

Loss of a step mentally is quite like slowing down physically. And yes, it’s quite distressing too. People experiencing such mental problems need to be aware of red ginseng’s this benefit: it improves memory, concentration, and problem solving ability. Although formal research on this ground is still in infancy, however, the potential of Korean ginseng to help you stay sharp looks promising.

  1. Increases Physical Endurance

Increasing physical endurance means increasing stamina, energy, agility, and attaining fast reaction times. Korean red ginseng helps you go all through the day without any nap, but still have adequate energy for enjoying the evening, without any jitters or being awake throughout the night.

  1. Improves Sex Life

Agility, energy, and stamina are certainly elements of a great sex life. Likewise, blood flow, libido, and desire are also important factors. Korean red ginseng has the ability to enhance all these elements, helping people have a great sex life.

  1. Improves Women’s Health

Ginseng is greatly helpful for women when it comes to hormone issues following menopause. Production of estrogen is promoted by red ginseng, which helps reduce the severity of symptoms associated with menopause, which are caused by reduction in levels of estrogen.

During the reproductive phase in the life of a woman, red ginseng helps to strengthen uterine muscles and make sure that a sound supply of blood is provided to the uterus. The herb also helps to increase women’s sexual drive.

  1. Improves Kids’ Health

For kids, Korean red ginseng should be employed in moderate quantities. It is highly recommended that you should consult your pediatrician about this herb’s proper use for your children and seek the doctor’s approval prior to using red ginseng for your kids.

Korean red ginseng helps to boost energy levels in kids. It also improves immune response significantly. The herbs helps improve brain functioning, enhance retention power, concentration levels, and mental alertness.

Summing Up

With such valuable benefits, it can be rightfully said that Korean red ginseng is an incredible herb. If you wish to reap the healing benefits of this herbal medicine, make sure you use only high quality and authentic red ginseng products.

As with most herbs, consult your doctor or a herbal physician and get the doctor’s approval before using ginseng or ginseng products. At Korea Ginseng Corp, we offer you only the carefully chosen, highest quality Korean red ginseng products.