Analyzing 18 Shake’s Ingredients And Nutrients

A wise buyer would always make sure that the food products they are purchasing are healthy, which means that there is more than enough nutritional value in each food component. Food is classified as healthy if it is able to provide essential nutrients that sustain life, provide energy and promote growth.

18 Shake

The advancement in science and research has made significant changes in how food is classified. Now, we have a lot of products that are not exactly traditional in the strict sense, but still has the nutritional value that can nourish the body efficiently. These are often called meal replacements, and is a combination of protein, whey and an assortment of vitamins and minerals that fuel life.

One such meal replacement that has been making the rounds in the market is 18 Shake. It is formulated and distributed by 18 Nutrition, and has a healthy dose of nutritional facts that might be the perfect solution for your weight loss goals.

Here we detail what is in the 18 Shake, to guide you before purchasing the product for your fitness journey.


The FAQ section of the product website, lists the 18 Shake Nutrition Facts, including its amount per serving and its corresponding percent daily value. It’s pretty straightforward, as shown in the image:

As seen on the detailed enumeration, it has the nutritional trifecta of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that we usually can get in a complete meal. We’ll take a closer look on each component to see if it can indeed provide the necessary nutrition one meal can give.

> Caloric Content

A calorie is actually a unit of measure of heat energy, but it can also pertain to the energy value of foods. Those under a strict caloric diet measure their food intake measure each caloric content per serving. Counting calories is a habit some body builders and fitness buffs have picked up, but it’s not a sure fire way to lose weight, some studies suggest.

There are only 90 calories in a serving of 18 Shakes. This is considerably lower than the calories you get from a single meal, but with more or less the same nutritional value. 18 Shakes calories is 5-7 times less than your conventional dinner.

Each serving is equivalent to a scoop, and the package contains its own measuring scoop. If you ever lose your scooper, remember that it is approximately three heaping tablespoons.

•           Fat Content

18 Shakes fat content comprises the 10 calories out of the 90 total in a serving. When you think about it, you’d think this is already high. If you take this ratio and convert it into the total percentage of fat in an 18 Shake serving, it is only 11%.

According to FDA standards, low values include that with 5% content or lower. High values are those on the 20% and up. This means that 18 Shake fat content is average. It’s not a bad amount, contrary to the belief that you should not have fat in your diet. Wrong. Fats should also be included, though not as high as your carb and protein content, but it should be there.

•           Total Fiber

The fiber in 18 Shake is 15 grams a scoop. It is valued at 21% of the daily recommended intake. It is a high value, but in this case, high is actually good. The amount of fiber in an 18 Shake helps to fill you up so you feel less hungry at times when you are normally voracious. It cuts down your caloric intake effectively by suppressing your hunger.

The fiber content in 18 Shake is attributed to maltodextrin, but in the brand, it is specified as Fibersol-2. It is a patented, manufactured fiber that acts as the main ingredient that curbs hunger. What’s more is that this fiber does not contain any calories, so they are more like the “accessories” in a diet.

Fibersol-2 is said to be digestion-resistant, which means that it passes through our digestive track unchanged. Fiber is a diet filler; it tricks your brain into thinking you have had enough to eat, when in fact it just sweeps through your digestive canal, stays there for a while, and aids in cleansing your intestines while inside the body.

•           Protein in 18 Shake

There are 15 grams of protein in 18 Shake. This is a combination of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. These are both the same in the sense that they are filtered from whole whey to remove fat, lactose and carbs. An isolate is 90% protein, and a concentrate is 80% protein.

Whey is the chosen protein for 18 Shake in contrast to some pure protein ones, which uses casein. Both are major proteins in milk but have different characteristics. Whey is a fast-digesting protein, while casein is slow on the uptake. This means that whey is great in the morning, particularly after a post workout session because it promotes protein balance rapidly.

•           18 Ingredients

Explaining the name of the product is quite simple. 18 Shake has 18 ingredients, as per company statement. It has the major dual protein formula (whey protein isolate and concentrate), natural cocoa, maltodextrin (or what they call the Fibersol-2), vitamin and mineral complex, xanthan gum, natural flavoring and natural sweetener (stevia extract).

You can check out a more detailed list of the 18 Shake ingredients from the lower right portion of the image above.


When you see the label your eyes might have zeroed in on that little ingredient and ask, “does it contain soy?”

The 18 Shake does contain soy lecithin, but you don’t have to worry too much about it. Soy lecithin is a widely used food additive that acts as an emulsifier, enabling ingredients that do not normally mix well together to be stabilized in the formula.

People will tell you not to eat soy, but soy lecithin is markedly different from soy protein. Ingesting small amounts should not be a cause for panic, because they have little to no effect in the body.


Is it gluten-free? Yes, 18 Shake indicates that it does not have gluten. It is totally safe for gluten-sensitive an gluten-intolerant individuals.

Overall, 18 Shake is an effective meal replacement product. It has the formula for a protein shake that balances the nutrients in the body, with a major plus in its hunger suppressant properties. It also tastes great, so dieting is easier and may be more fun if it is mixed with fruits and almond milk.

Anyway, the testimonials will only tell you that it worked for them, which might be a whole lot different for other people. It is actually indicated in the website that 18 Shake results vary depending on each person using it. It would be best to try it for yourself, and if it works out for you then you can include it in your diet plan. It all boils down to how it fits into your daily diet.