Benefits of Zumba Gold for Young and Seniors

Zumba Gold Program basically consists of a string of fitness programs that are thoughtfully designed for the older, but active adults, the newcomers, and other special people who may need modifications.

The aim of the Zumba Gold Fitness Program is to transport these privileged people to the fascinating world of Latin and international dance rhythms so typical of the original Zumba.

Zumba Gold is the brainchild of the highly creative and thoughtful people who had introduced Zumba earlier.

Benefits of Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold is a specialty fitness course aimed at fulfilling the psychological, physiological, and anatomical requirements of the older population.

This fitness regime is ideally suited to the older adults, overweight people as also, those that lead a sedentary lifestyle or have physical limitations.

Zumba Gold promises as much fun as the original Zumba, just that the fitness programs involved are of lower intensity and definitely much slower than Zumba.

This fitness program is based on the foot-tapping Latin dance and music but adopts an easy to follow style.

Zumba Gold Unveiled – An Awesome Fitness Regime

The program is initiated with a couple of warm-up songs and some dynamic and motivating rhythmic movements. The warm-up duration is about ten minutes.

Zumba Gold Workout involves four songs that last for 15 minutes. The cooldown session is for about five to ten minutes and there would be one or two songs of slower rhythm and pace.

This enables the participants to relax also helps the slow down the heart rate. The participants are also given an opportunity to dance to the beat of their own music.

Zumba Gold class is of 30 minutes to 45 minutes duration strictly dependent on the ability and needs of the individual participants.

Zumba Gold uses a fabulous fusion of different styles of music. This program draws its inspiration from various dances including Cha-Cha, Salsa, Rock ’n Roll, Cumbia, and Merengue.

This program may also feature a twist, belly dancing, tango, and flamenco dancing as well. A special workout has been designed, that can be done while sitting on a chair. This is highly beneficial for sedentary people and those who are on wheelchairs.

This is a well-balanced program that aims at improving our strength, balance and posture, flexibility, and the functioning of the heart.

Multifarious Benefits of Zumba Gold for Young and Seniors

Needless to mention Zumba Gold Fitness Program rejuvenates your mind and body alike. Aerobic dancing not only keeps you fit and active physically; it acts as a morale booster and gives immense joy.

Zumba Gold Workout gives you a high. It is party time and is actually, loads of fun unleashed. Some proven benefits include:

Some of the best physiological and psychological benefits offered are:

  • Greater relaxation
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Higher caloric expenditure
  • Heightened social interaction
  • Marked improvement in bone density
  • Improvement in performing day to day activities
  • Better quality of life hence, more fulfilling existence
  • Happier existence with a more intense feeling of well being
  • The drastic drop in the levels of depression, anxiety or stress
  • Better cognitive function, once you learn new steps and moves
  • Better performance and better motor control due to more and more practice
  • Better range of mobility and an all-round improvement in strength and flexibility

As a result, Zumba Gold is an awesome fitness regime that is meant for all health concerned people. You should definitely try it out to get benefited.