Depression and Anti-Depression Medicines

Depression is a serious mental illness that can harm the body and mind of any individual. Neglecting patients suffering from severe depression can often lead to death. Therefore, anyone suffering from depression has to be treated at the earliest without any negligence.

Advancements in the field of medical research have led to production of various medicines that can help fight the effects of depression. Quite often, things can go bad without a warning.

English: Medication used for obesity. Orlistat...
English: Medication used for obesity. Orlistat and sibutramine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter what your medication is, there are a fairly large number of people (under medication) who still try to get themselves killed!

This is because the anti-depression medicines may at times actually increase the depression levels of an individual. Let us try to understand them.

Common side effects of such drugs

Citalopram or Celexa as it is commonly known as is an anti-depression medication that effectively combats the symptoms of depression quite effectively.

The drug has its fair share of side effects which need to be carefully read and understood. The most common Citalopram side effects of this drug are:

The drug primarily impairs the sexual desires of an individual. Sexual dysfunctions like difficulty in getting aroused, anorgasmia, loss of interest in sex are common. Apart from these, ejaculatory anhedonia, genital anaesthesias and decreased levels of sexual stimuli are other possible Citalopram side effects.

People suffering from severe depression often find it difficult to sleep, turning them into insomniacs. In such cases, ambien is prescribed for them. Ambien is the most widely prescribed sleeping medications in the world today. It helps combating insomnia. However, this drug too, is filled with side effects that can be dangerous for the victim.

The Ambien side effects can range from stomach upset, headaches, drowsiness, muscle pain and blurred vision to the more serious ones like amnesia, hallucinations, behavioural changes and mood swings. There have been reports where people have been performing tasks and not remembering anything about it. These are just some of the common Ambien side effects.

These are just some of the side effects of anti-depressing drugs, if someone you know is showing signs of such things. Promptly consult a doctor and get the medication changed. It might just save someone’s life.

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