Different Hairnets and Their Uses

With the use of hairnets, you can decrease the risk of contamination. There are many industries that require the use of hairnets or bouffant caps.

For example, industries such as food and pharmaceuticals have a need for head coverings along with cleanrooms, lab research, and medical areas.


Hairnets not only protect the environment from possible contaminants but are also required to protect one’s hair and head.

Depending on the use and environment, there are various types of high-quality, disposable hairnets.

Here is a detailed list of the different types of head coverings and their uses.

Mob Caps

These types of caps are very versatile in their uses.

They are designed to balloon away from the head to where there is little to no contact between your hair and the cap.

These keep short hairs from protruding through the cap and avoid shedding in a controlled environment.

Surgical Caps

As described in the name, these caps are mainly used for medical reasons. Many of these caps are equipped with soft sweat pads for ultimate comfort.

Bouffant Caps

These caps are highly reliable and offer excellent protection against substance contamination, materials, and products in the food processing and packing industry.

Disposable bouffant caps are ideal for those with long hair and should always be disposed of properly to avoid contamination.

Snood Caps

These types of caps are ideal for those with short to medium-length hair. They are most commonly used in food processing, the pharmaceutical industry, and labs. They are typically non-woven and comfortable for daily use.

When using hairnets for their appropriate use, you can decrease the risk of contamination in any controlled environment.

Depending on your industry or cleanroom class, or purpose for wearing hairnets, it’s important to review what is right for you and your environment before donning any hairnet or cap.