10 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water While Breastfeeding

Nursing moms have lots of questions that arise in their minds, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. These can be…

Whether the baby is getting nutritious and clean milk? How to get rid of bloating and gas caused? Etc…

The solution for most of your problems/questions can be very simple. Just, include a lemon juice diet in your regular diet while breastfeeding.

Yes, you have heard it right. Lemon water can be beneficial for you as well as for your little one if you take it at the time of breastfeeding.

Benefits of Lemon Water While Breastfeeding

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Let’s take a quick look at how this happens and what are the various benefits of drinking lemon water while you are nursing or breastfeeding.

1- Prevents Digestion Issues In Infants

Lemon water as we all know is good for digestion. It is the same case when it comes to infants as well.

Drinking lemon water during nursing can prevent maximum digestive issues in infants.

This healthy drink can be easily prepared at home and can be consumed regularly to treat issues like irregular bowels, cramps, bloating, and gas.

These issues are common and can be seen in babies who take breast milk.

2- Improves The Skin Texture

As lemon is rich in Vitamin C it helps in enhancing the texture of the skin of both the baby and the mother. It also helps in brightening the skin along with removing the blackheads.

If you really want skin that resembles your baby then try drinking enough lemon water juice daily.

3- Healthy Supply Of Breast Milk

Lemon juice has the capacity to hydrate your body and make it remain fresh. This also helps in ensuring a healthy supply of breast milk to your baby.

It is advised that nursing mothers should increase the intake of water in their daily diet.

In your water intake make sure that you include more lemon water that has health benefits attached to it.

4- Pure Milk For The Baby

Drinking lemon water daily during nursing can also help promote digestion, toxin elimination, and nutrient absorption in the body.

It prevents the entry of any kind of toxins into the milk supply to the baby.

This healthy drink makes sure that the baby gets the required clean milk and enough nutrients daily for their good health.

5- Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a very common issue in nursing mothers, especially after the delivery.

Lemon has high potassium content in it and this helps in reducing the blood pressure of the mothers while nursing the baby.

In addition to this consuming a lemon juice diet while breastfeeding can cure dizziness and nausea that is common with lactating moms.

6- Relieves Soreness Of The Throat

Looking for relief for sore throat during breastfeeding, then take a good amount of lemon water.

The lemon water has the capacity to kill the infection in the throat and thus cures the problem in a fast and effective manner.

You can easily treat the sore throat by gargling the lemon water.

7- Strengthening of Veins

A varicose vein is one other commonly seen problem in mothers after delivery.

Lemon juice has a rich supply of bioflavonoid and rutin that helps in the strengthening of the walls of the vein. Recurrence of varicose veins can also be prevented by taking lemon juice daily.

8- Purification of Blood

Lemon juice or water is the number one agent for blood purification.

The lactating mothers can take lemon water daily to purify their blood and also to keep it free of any infections.

This is very important especially while they breastfeed their babies.

9- Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer

The white membrane and the peel of the lemon have a chemical known as limonene in them. This chemical has got anti-tumor properties.

Hence drinking lemon water reduces the risk of developing breast cancer in lactating mothers because of limonene present in it.

10- Overall General Health

Lemon is an easily available citrus fruit with a lot of vitamins and other sources associated with it.

Taking a lemon juice diet while breastfeeding daily hence can improve the general health of the lactating mothers and through that to the babies.

Enjoy good health by taking the required quantity of lemon water.

Lemon Juice While Breastfeeding

How to Make Homemade Lemonade with Lemon Juice?

Lemonade is an easy homemade drink that can go well with outdoor summer and spring entertainment.

This drink is made from squeezed-out fresh lemons (that can be both sweet and sour) and is a really refreshing beverage for anyone.

In order to prepare any food well, you need to go that extra mile so that you make your basics extra better.

The best way to make homemade lemonade with lemons is as follows:

What Are The Ingredients Required?

  • 8 to 10 medium-sized lemons to make a 1 and a half cup lemonade
  • Half a cup of water to make a simple syrup
  • 1 and a half cups of sugar
  • Refreshingly cold water- 1cup

These ingredients are good enough to prepare about one and a half cups of lemonade syrup which can be then used to prepare the drink at home.

STEP #1: Squeezing Out The Lemons to Get Lemon Juice

Make sure the lemons you take are warm or at room temperature so that it is easier to squeeze out the juice.

If not you can allow the lemons to become warm by placing them in hot water for thirty seconds.

You can also microwave them for 20 to 30 seconds to make them warm so that it squeezes well and to the maximum.

Once the lemons are warmed, roll them on a smooth surface till you feel the lemon flesh softening. Cut them crosswise and then place them in a juicer.

Apply enough pressure and twist the lemon to extract the juice out of it. You can also remove the juice manually if you do not want to make use of the juice extractors.

If you want pulpy homemade lemonade, you can collect the extra pulp deposited at the bottom of the juicer by removing the seeds.

STEP #2: Preparing The Lemon Syrup:

Bring half cup water to boil in a saucepan. To this add one and half cups of sugar. Cook this in medium-low heat till the sugar completely dissolves.

Then remove the pan from the cooking range and add the already prepared fresh lemon juice. Stir well so that the juice is mixed thoroughly.

This lemon syrup made can be mixed with water to make lemonade or can be stored in the refrigerator until required.

You can add this lemon syrup to 4 cups of water to make a great refreshing lemonade drink at home. Check for sweetness and add sugar or water if needed.

Tip: When serving lemon juice, add a three-quarters teaspoon of grated lemon zest for additional flavor.

Put the pitcher which holds the lemonade in the refrigerator and allow it to cool for at least 5 minutes.

Besides the above simple and old-fashioned homemade lemonade method to make the drink, you can check out various homemade lemonade recipes that can help you make various different lemonade drinks to try at home.

It will be good if you can serve these lemonade drinks in transparent glasses.

can make homemade lemonade the next time you invite guests over a barbecue party or at a picnic.

This is surely one great drink that will quench everyone’s thirst for the hilt.

Few Important Things to Care When Breastfeeding for New Moms

The healthy drink of lemon has about five percent of citric acid and has got a tangy taste. Adults and kids love this for the same reason.

It also has vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, riboflavin, vitamin B, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, and proteins.

It is advised to drink this healthy drink daily, not only during breastfeeding but also during normal days as well.

However, it is important to be cautious about the quantity that you need to take lemon water daily.

Even though no side effects have been associated with the consumption of lime water it is better to have control over it.

You can mix the juice of quarter lemons into about 12 ounces of water to start with.

You can gradually increase the amount of juice intake and this becomes important especially when you are nursing your baby.

Make sure that your baby doesn’t have any allergic issues or reactions that are caused by the intake of lemon juice.

Have tailored health and a good healthy routine by starting your day with a glass of lemon water.