Good Diets and Healthy Foods for Teens

Are you looking for some healthy food options for your teenagers that are not only great in taste but healthy as well? Then this article is just for you!

Check out some good diets for teens which would make them healthy and cheerful in every way. These good diets and healthy foods will make them active all day long.

Eat smarter:       

Whenever you are hungry, don’t just jump for cookies, hips and pastries. Junk food is packed with lot of calories. Instead introduce your teenagers to healthy food options like fruits, soups etc.

So whenever hunger pangs attack, reach for an apple, orange or any other low density food.

Go for food with water in it as it is more filling:

When food is cooked with water, its calories get spread out in large amount.

For e.g. a whole juicy tomato contains same calories as 5 dry pretzel sticks.

So choose juicy grapes, homemade vegetable or fruits soups and juices in your lifestyle to lead healthy lifestyle.

Include protein-rich food items:

For allowing teen to perform well in their life, include protein rich food items like lean meat, pulses, low fat milk and eggs in their daily diet.

You would be glad to read that soya beans, yogurt, nuts, cheese and milk are loaded with calcium which is required by body for attaining healthy bones and teen growth in teenagers. Groundnuts are again great source of protein for teens.

You can also give these nuts and beans to your kids in the form of milk which is a great healthy option for them.

If your teen is vegetarian, make sure he eat at least 1 bowl of pulses and legumes like karamani, chana or rajma everyday.

Moderate amount of carbohydrates should be included:

Moderate amount of carbohydrate rich food items like maze, rice, potato, wheat and roasted grains in your teen’s diet.

However make sure that its homemade and healthy. Homemade food app like ChachisFood can help you in eating healthy homemade food anywhere.

Through this you can connect via SMS with your local chefs and home cooks that are passionate about cooking.

Avoid too much intake of sugar drinks:

Sugary drink lacks nutrients and source of empty energy. They are void of vitamins, protein, minerals and fiber.

Instead of sugary drinks and juices, try diet sodas, water, sugar-free drinks and flavored waters. If you drink too much soda or juice, limit its intake to 4-8 ounces, one time per day.

Lots of sugar is present in cakes, candies and cookies too. Its fine to enjoy these food items once in a while but don’t replace them with healthy foods for teens.

So what are you thinking now? Just go by this list of good diets for teens and include them in your daily lifestyle for proper growth and development of your teenager child.