Healthy Snacks for Teenagers

Teenage is very important period as it is a growth and development stage. The development of various organs, tissues, hormones, muscles takes place during this period.

Therefore, nutrition plays vital role in teen’s life in order to get healthy, fit body. Owing to this development of all vital organs, teens tend to have more appetite and that’s why they go for fast foods more.

Healthy snacks for kids and teenagers

Sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are the main reasons for obesity. And in order to become healthy, teens should embrace healthy lifestyle.

It is therefore responsibility for parents to provide healthy snacks for teenagers. Most teenagers are very conscious about their appearance and so they will be more open to healthy food options.

Eating healthy snacks before lunch or dinner makes the stomach stay full and consequently, calorie intake will be decreased. Healthy snacks for teenagers include cup of fruits, well boiled egg. These healthy snacks fill the stomach as well as help to reduce the cravings that are caused by high fat foods.

What are some healthy snacks for kids and teenagers

Healthy snacks for teenagers includes: Dry fruits like raisins, non fat cottage cheese, unsalted nuts, whole grain crackers, fruits and yogurt, microwave popcorn, Oreo cheesecake, low sugar high fiber cereal, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, light salted cucumber slices, cauliflower, broccoli, smoothies of fresh fruits, veggies etc.

Regular exercise routine is also a necessary element for kids and teenagers to burn their excess calories which they take up while consuming fad diets. Eating healthy along with working out regularly is the key to get fit body. Making little changes in daily routine can result in healthy lifestyle, so start to live healthy and stay happy.

Follow these tips as well

Also following are some teenager health and diet tips that make them fit. Following these will also help them in getting active at work and play.

  • In between three big meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is wise to have two or three servings of salads, nuts, and fruits.
  • Eating slowly is another great way to lower your intake calorie amount.
  • Avoid keep sitting on the dining table. It tempts you to eat more. Finish off the foods and get up to clean the dish instantly.
  • Drinking more water and fresh juices help to fill the stomach and hydrate the body as well.

Hope all these snacking tips and ideas helps you a lot. Follow them from now and see the difference.