Invisalign: Five ways to a perfect grin

Invisalign is an advanced orthodontic device which invisibly straighten teeth using a series of nearly undetected aligners.

Unlike traditional braces, it has proven more comfortable for patients as there are no brackets and metal wires.

Wearing Invisalign aligners not only promotes better oral hygiene but it’s comfortable as well because it doesn’t require lifestyle changes since the aligners are removable. Whatever you want – there is no forbidden food.

This is not to claim that Invisalign does not come with challenges. No dental treatment is perfect and entirely convenient, and Invisalign is no different. So, if you’re ready to perfect your smile, try out some tips and tricks to make the process even easier.

1- The Travel Pack

Invisalign wearers should get serious on oral hygiene. A travel pack will become their best friend, whenever, wherever or whoever they are with.

A great kit includes carrying a case as you’ll need to remove them before you eat. Protect your aligners by safely storing it whenever you take them off your mouth.

A soft toothbrush and sensitive toothpaste are a great addition to the package. Avoid using whitening toothpaste due to its harsh effect on your teeth, especially when you’re brushing a few times a day. If you have attachments, you might be whitening the teeth but not the tooth underneath the attachments.

Patients who takes good care to clean their teeth every after meal are very unlikely to develop cavities. Remember, your investment in your smile is not a one time thing.

Using chewies. Chewies are tools which can improve the fit of your aligners. These are small cylinders that looks like rolls of gauze. Biting on a chewie for 5 minutes or so, you can reduce any gaps between your teeth and the aligners, helping the aligners to work more effectively.

Floss every day. Aligners have possibilities of holding up leftovers even after your cleaning routine. Be sure to thoroughly clean in between your teeth with floss every single day.

2- Modify your diet and watch out for stains

Being hydrated will help you avoid problems such as bad breath and stop your mouth from an uncomfortable feeling.

When you feel tenderness in your mouth, you’ll want to avoid crispy, crunchy or chewy food. Your mouth may respond to the aligner by producing more saliva, which can be dehydrating. Practice drinking plenty of water.

Certain foods and beverages have the potential to cause stain on your teeth. Be careful on drinking coffee, tea, wine and turmeric as it can intensify the stains and leaving your aligners looking dingy yellow and gross.

You’ll also want to start avoiding hot drinks as it can warp the plastic and light drinks can also stain your teeth. Limit alcohol consumption because drinking high sugar content in alcohol is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which uses sugar to produce acids that can destroy your tooth enamels.

If you really choose to indulge, be hypervigilant about cleaning your teeth before inserting the aligners.

3- Wear aligners 24/7

With Invisalign as a removable plastic tray, it may be tempting to take them off often. Problems come in if you tend to forget to put the aligners back in after meals and snacks.

The one big rule of dentists is to wear them nearly 24/7 to prompt your teeth to move into the desired positions. If you don’t, you will end up delaying the treatment time.

Losing weight. Since it is recommended to wear for nearly 24 hours, it means less time to eat. The aligners are super tight and hard to remove if teeth are sore.

4- Always practice talking

When the aligners are new, most people won’t spot it, but some might notice subtle changes on how you talk. Other patients speak with a small lisp initially, but it will quickly vanish with a little practice.

In all phases of the treatment, always trust the process. Do not hurry nor slow it down.  You will see desired results in due time.

5- Keeping your previous set of aligners

When undergoing this treatment, you will generally one set of trays for two weeks before moving on to the next set. When you switch, hold onto the old aligners. If something happens and an aligner is damaged or lost, you can use the prior one to keep your teeth from moving in undesirable ways while you wait for replacement aligners to come.

Now that you’ve read some awesome hacks, you’re surely ready to perfect your grin with Invisalign. Orthodontist Queenstown has the knowledge and skills needed to treat everyone’s desire in the most inviting and comfortable environment, achieving a beautiful smile without anyone knowing you’re having a treatment!