Organic Foods Good for Health and Fitness

Organic foods are the food products that are produced only by natural ways. The best part of these organic foods is that, its pesticide free i.e. in the farming of these organic foods no fertilizers, chemicals or medicines are used. Also in these natural and organic foods no genetic ways of production are used.

In addition to good health, these  foods are also good for nature. Researches done all around the world shows that these organic foods does not show any negative affects on the nature as they doesn’t use fertilizers, chemicals or any other harmful medicines in their production.

It is glad to know that number of people all over the world are buying and consuming these types of healthy foods due to the numerous health benefits it offers.

Organic Foods

Industrialization of Organic Foods

One of the most advantageous part of organic foods is it uses very less energy and fuel in the production (according to per unit consumption). This is also a positive sign because of which organic foods are becoming more and more popular.

Due to industrialization of organic foods, many people working in this field want that more research should be done for these products and the methods used for its production. More ways should be found to make these foods popular because they are good for health and for nature.

The fact is that these foods fulfill about 1 to 2 % of the food requirements all over the world. During 1990’s these organic foods had started firming their roots in the market of whole world and after that in 2006 it had the market (sale) of 40 billion dollars in the whole world.

The research in 2007 shows that these natural and organic foods can fulfill the food requirements of the world’s high percentage of population without any extra requirements of agricultural land, farms, fertilizers and other resources which other foods actually need for their production in good amount.

Top 5 Benefits Of Organic Food

Foods grown without intensive use of synthetic chemicals are better for the health of people and environment. The benefits of the organic food are endless, however; below mentioned are the top 5 benefits of consuming organic food.

It Tastes Better: Obviously well balanced soil grows a healthy and strong plant that tastes great. The desirable nutrient possessed by organic produce causes vegetable and fruits to be sweet in flavour and juicy. Majority of the treated grains, vegetable and fruits are larger in size which has higher water percentage whereas organic are smaller is size packed with high nutritional value.

No Health Hazards: With no using of industrial pesticides or fertilizers on the crops. This ensures low residue dose on the produces, hence there is low or no risk on health or any serious threat to the environment.

Promotes Healthy Water Table: Organic grown food help preserve the integrity of water supply. It plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the planet and underground water table. There is less polluted water which provides safe drinking water.

Builds Ecological Soil: Compositing and crop rotation makes the soil rich in nutrients that preserves the quality of the soil.

Preservation of Diversity: Organic produces preserves the diversity of the life on the farm. It uses natural predators than pesticides to protect the crops that balance the environment providing the crops with enough nutrients from the soil.