Portable Home Gym

How INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym Is an Exceptional At-Home Work Out Equipment

At times it is a nightmare to keep fit by training your muscles or losing weight amid busy work schedules or family challenges. When you contemplate to frequently visit the gym by perhaps sacrificing your lifestyle and time, things do not add up. As many people in the United States of America and around the world struggle to reduce the high level of obesity, here is a life changer as far as exercise is concerned: the INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym.

The INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym is a one-of-a-kind at-home work out equipment that gives you a leeway to perform a series of exercises from your comfort zone as you endeavor to meet your fitness goals. This home portable gym will relieve you of all the convenience stress that may be an obstacle in your fitness journey. You will only choose a convenient time either in the morning or evening to perform a few or more exercises at least five days a week, and you will be home and dry.

There are so many lovable aspects about the design of this INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym, that will make you always want to use it in your life. It allows you to do some micro-adjustments on the load-resistance, gives you a gradual but consistent progression, and is adaptable to most of your physical conditions, all within seconds.

Besides, this INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym works all your muscle groups in one workout, burns more calories in a short time and, makes you enjoy as you exercise.  What more will you need if it is not this INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym?

Unlike other well-known at-home equipment in the market like Bodyboos 2.0, TRX, OYO, INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym gives you time to complete various all-time, well-known, and proven exercises with resistance that suits your body, adjusts fast and adapts to progress. The other at-home workout equipment either are not fully portable, requires a learning curve, does not adapt to progress, or works the muscles improperly. There is absolutely none that can match the INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym.

Train like a pro at home or on the go!

Using the INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym is as simple as pie. When you are ready to work out, take your INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym and depending on the type of exercise that you have chosen to perform, customize your resistance according to the instructions, attached handles, straps or hook. Next, stabilize your gym with your foot, body part, or the door according to the instructions. Finally, do your work out.

Remember, every INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym comes with a full star-up guide, 76 exercise instruction guide (organized by muscle group or activity), and all the parts you need to work out including two twist or uncle bands, a bar anchor, two change bands and a bag. For those worried about if they can return their portable gym after purchasing it or they find out that the gym is not for them, the good news is that you can return it within thirty days if unused. Also, if you break part of the equipment, there is no cause of alarm since each gym has a one-year limited warranty.

Acquire your INTENT SPORTS® Portable Home Gym and keep fit.