Shakira’s Amazing Weight Loss Story (And Tips You Can Follow)

Shakira the  “Waka Waka” girl or more known for her “Hips Don’t Lie” song’s exotic, sexy moves.

Born with an amazing flexible body, she has got all that a woman envies to have. On January 22, 2013, Shakira along with her soccer player boyfriend welcomed their first baby kid “ Milan” in this world.

Shakira weight loss

Gave birth to her first kid on January 22 and exactly on April 22 which is exactly 3 months later you have never guessed that she was pregnant.

Unbelievable! It is the one word that comes to your mind. Shakira who was 36 with her natural flowing hair looked all stunning. The entire package was like a million bucks.

She revealed that losing weight after pregnancy wasn’t a huge concern since it ran in their generations.

There was never pressure to get into old jeans, but being a responsible career woman she was concerned that she wouldn’t ever be sexy again after the pregnancy.

With all kinds of mixed feelings, she was all set to lose weight- or say determined to be sexy again.

How did Shakira Lost Weight After The Pregnancy?

Practicing a lot of Zumba helped Shakira lose weight. This particular dance form made her obsess to lose weight and the rest is history. Even during pregnancy, she did light dance moves recommended by her doctor to keep an active lifestyle.

This Columbian singer reveals that nothing comes easy, whether it is name, fame or just losing weight. You need to work hard and your efforts are certainly going to show.

Working Out Was Fun, Said Shakira!

Instead of working on traditional treadmills and doing routine workouts was not the idea of this Columbian singer.

She liked dancing and she chose her way to dance for losing weight. She said that dancing not only makes your workout interesting and fun, but it really kicks up your heart rate.

It is a wonderful and very effective way to lose weight. To all those women out there who are eager to get back in shape after the pregnancy can take up dance classes.

This will not only help you to lose weight but keeps the boredom at bay. You can take up any dance you feel like. In a matter of weeks, you are sure going to see your waistline trimming down says Shakira.

Since you have recently given birth your body has gone back to normal rituals of functioning hence needs plenty of good healthy food. Healthy food doesn’t include feasting on the chocolate cake.

You have to cut down the junk, fried, frozen and sugary food items in order to lose weight. Eat healthily and get adequate sleep since you have been through a lot and with the baby, there is a hell of lot of adjustments.

Never compete with others when it comes to weight loss things.

Everyone’s body has a different way of accepting the change, some do it fast some are slower in getting results. Just remember not to overexert yourself and enjoy your efforts towards weight loss.