Do Slendertone Ab Belts Really Work To Shape Your Body?

“Slendertone Abs” is about building stunning abs in an easy way. Check here how…

It is a proven fact that if you really want to achieve flat sexy looking abs, you certainly need to practice certain special exercises meant for that purpose.

However, it is not an easy job for everyone to achieve those attractive looking abs soon…

Ab toning belts are therefore getting much popular.

These offer you the best proven scientific solution to bring out the perfect shapes of your body within very little time.

Besides the ab toning belts, there are certainly very good abs programs and workouts plans that can be followed for getting the ripped abs.

slendertone ab belt

However, the truth about many of these programs is something different than the real picture.

In the crowd, you will easily find the most deceptive programs that never work at all. These are designed only to earn money and the results you get are a BIG Zero.

So it is very important that you choose the system that is proven and have already shown great results to many.

After trying Slendertone ab toning belts myself, I cannot recommend anything superior to this.

In case you are wondering about what these are and how it helps, let’s check out more about these belts in detail little below…

What Is Slendertone?

EMS technology has been constantly used for over 40 years now all over the world in various hospitals, clinics, and physiotherapy practices, due to its extremely effective results.

It is a trusted formula to strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles for a healthier life.

Ab toning belts work on similar technology to provide various benefits to the users.

Slendertone is one of the best-known brands in the market when it comes to ab toning belts. It is an electronic device that is used for the toning of muscles around the abdominal region.

It is in the form of an abdominal belt that can be worn around your waist for slimming purposes.

It can be tried out without any risk to look lean and well-toned. With these highly efficient Slendertone ab belts, you can achieve a gorgeous body to feel happy and proud.

Furthermore, it is easy as well as affordable to use.

Why Slendertone Ab Belt?

Slendertone Core Abs Workout Belt is recommended as a clinically proven smart solution to give you the desired results when it comes to flat sexy and ripped abs.

The Slendertone belt reviews and slendertone results from the satisfied customers indicate that the benefits of the slendertone belt have changed their lives 360 degrees.

The easy and seamless usage doesn’t lead to any hurdles in following a healthy and disciplined lifestyle for them.

Moreover, with the scientific activities and functions, it instantly puts the muscles into action, making them stronger day by day. The increased stamina gives a real boost up to your confidence and zeal towards a fun-filled and joyous life.

The main benefit of buying and using slendertone abs belt is that it is available in a unisex design which is perfect for men as well as women.

Due to the anatomical and structural difference in the male and female human body the need and expected results from a fitness regime also changes.

While bearing this in mind, the slendertone abdominal muscle toner belts have been exclusively designed for the distinct needs of men and women both.

Thus, it becomes an even more effective device for toning and strengthening your muscles.

How To Wear Slendertone Ab Belt?

Here are the following steps which will tell you all about how to wear and use your Slendertone abdominal workout belt for the first time. If you use it correctly you can compare the results before and after.

1st Step: The first thing you need to do is to put the Slendertone Abs belt around your waist like a wrap-around skirt. While wrapping the belt, make sure that your abs are in touch with the electrode pads of the belt.

One such electrode is larger than the others which is to be positioned above the naval region or the belly button. The other smaller electrode pads should be positioned between your rib cage area and your hips in a centered manner.

2nd Step: Now secure the belt to the back side of your body. There is an “On” button which needs to be pushed and held down for 2 seconds for the belt to turn on.

3rd Step: Now that the belt has been turned on, you can easily adjust the intensity of the simulation coming from the electrodes by using the control panel. The up and down arrows enable you to increase or decrease the intensity.

A ticklish sensation in the muscular region is normally observed due to the contraction of muscles. Set the intensity level to that point where you can feel your muscle contraction.

A minimum intensity of 15 is recommended by the product manufacturer; however, you can always adjust accordingly.

4th Step: Once your session is ON, you can sit and relax to read a book or listen to music while waiting for your session to end. A pre-set session is recorded for 30 minutes on the device after which the belt automatically stops working.

The Slendertone belt for Abs yield best results when used for 30 minutes daily on for five days a week. You can definitely see awesome results after using the belt for 4-6 weeks.

Few Warnings & Precautions To Check Before Using

  • Do not use these devices if you are sensitive to electrical stimulation sensation.
  • You should not use this Slendertone belt when you are menstruating.
  • Additionally if you are pregnant, or trying for conception, do not use this belt at all.
  • Also, you should not use this belt if you have any implant, electronic or otherwise, in your abdominal region.
  • It is advisable to know your waist size before purchasing the belt.
  • Skin rashes or irritation is sometimes caused by gel pads on sensitive skin types. Stop usage if the problem persists.

How Does Slendertone Ab Toning Belt Work?

Does It Really Work for Getting Attractive Physique?

These Abdominal Muscle Toner work according to your body type.

For instance, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, the gel pads of the slendertone ab belt will first activate your muscles and then gradually start with the workout.

On the other hand, if you are a fit person and do regular exercises your muscles are already in action; the slendertone ab belts can do wonder within a short span of time in this case by increasing the effectiveness of the muscle contraction which is the key to have a toned body.

Thus, slendertone belt is a great choice and a smart way to work out for every fitness and healthy life aspirant.

The most striking feature of the slendertone ab belts is that it is designed to work on all the body types, so it is effective in giving the desired pack of abs for everyone.

It works on the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology for toning your body by syncing product with your natural muscle movements.

The belt creates strong, deep and comfortable muscle contractions just like your body’s natural muscles movements.

It mimics the natural movements of the muscles, allowing them to contract and relax naturally. This enhances the power and strength of the muscles and gives you toned body very fast.

These ab workout belts consists of gel pads which switches on the nerves and controls their movements.

Signals are sent between these gel pads to perform targeted action even on the muscles hidden underneath the layers.

The rectus abdominis and transverses abdominis muscles which are deep layered are activated by the slendertone belt.

These muscles are difficult to reach through the conventional ab exercises, but play a crucial role in shaping your waist and abs.

They also control your muscle strength and stability to perform better during all the activities involving contraction of the muscles. You can control the system abs intensity as per body reflexes.

The sensation goes from a mild tingly feeling to a distinct muscle contraction at various speeds.

Thus, with the best slendertone ab belt you are getting a complete workout package without any additional payment.

So, Does It Really Work?

People who are excited about buying an ab toning belt by Slendertone often think about its reliability. They wonder about does slendertone really work or not…

But after trying the Slendertone belt myself, I can now say that it is quite effective as it is more focused for toning the core muscles such as:

  • rectus abdominus (upper and lower)
  • obliques (sides) and
  • transverses abdominus (deep girdle muscle)

Slendertone Ab Belt Frequently Asked Questions

Questions keep running in your mind when you are using products for weight loss or toning your body.

So, it is obvious that too many thoughts run in your mind, when you use Slendertone Ab toning belt for toning your abs muscles.

This is majorly because you want to make the most of the product, and ensure that the Ab belt stays and serves you for long.

Here are few of these questions for which you may want to get the answers for…

How Often Should I Use My Slendertone Belt?

According to the manufacturers of these ab belts you should at least use the belt for 5 days a week (for 30 minutes a day).

People who want to use the belt everyday can go with it while taking a day break in between if their muscles feels tired.

Can I Use Slendertone Ab Belt After C Section?

Using Slendertone ab belt just after getting c section is not recommended.

However according to few sources it has been made clear that you can use it after 6-8 weeks of time after the c section.

How to Make My Slendertone Pads Last Longer?

The Slendertone Ab toning belt has three black sticky pads which are responsible for stimulation of belt being conducted to the skin and muscles.

When you put it on, you can see that one of these 3 gel pad contact with your skin, while one is on the other side of the belt.

As they are responsible for conducting the stimulation, they are easily worn out. You need to change them to get the desired results.

Can I Wash My Slendertone Belt and Parts At Home?

Washing the Ab belt: Do’s and Don’t’s

As the Slendertone Ab toning belt lets the users sweat through stimulating the skin and muscles, it is quite true that many would look for washing the belt often.

If you have questions about cleaning and washing the Ab toning belt from Slendertone, there are things you should never overrule.

Any product that has electrical components should be cleaned carefully as exposure to water might hamper the results.

You can wash your Slendertone Ab toning belt, or other garments like skirt. But do not wash it in the washing machine. You need to wash it gently with your hands.

First step to wash this belt is to ensure that you have removed the electrical components. When they are not removed, there are many troubles associated.

One is that they might stop working, meaning that you cannot find any use of your belt. Or they might not give the results you are looking for.

Also, the gel pads should be taken off from the belt. The electrical connectors present in the belt too should be kept dry.

So, understand that you can wash it with lukewarm water, and only hand wash is recommended. Do not apply any detergent. Lukewarm water can take off any stain or odor present in the belt. You can also wipe it dry with a clean towel.

Then leave the belt on a flat surface to dry. No heaters and radiators can be used on this belt. The best time to wash the belt is when you are done with the workout session of the day, and you would not take the belt to put on till next day.

When to Replace My Slendertone Replacement Pads?

Many users ask, when the right time to replace these pads is. The pads last for around 20 to 30 training sessions, claims the manufacturer.

For an individual who makes use of this ab toning belt for 5 days a week, should change the Slendertone replacement pads four to 6 weeks.

But the duration varies from one user to another. While one may continue to get effects for weeks, someone might need the replacement straight after the 20th training session.

The replacement frequency is influenced by various factors that include intensity of the training session, skin type of the user, and the time duration of the training session.

What are The Signs That Gel Pads Have Lost Their Efficacy?

The Slendertone replacement gel pads look dry and worn out or they do not stick to the skin properly. Also, the stimulation isn’t strong as it used to be.

This is a warning for you to change the gel pads, and go for a new one. When the gel pads are completely worn out, your unit starts beeping indicating the necessity for replacement. Also, the intensity level cannot be increased more than 3.

You would know the difference between the new Slendertone replacement pads, and the worn out ones easily.

The worn out pad would not stick to the skin easily. When removing the belt, you need to peel off the gel pads, because they get attached well to the belt.

When you do not find these, change the gel pads for good results. When the gel pads lose their efficacy, they also would produce only less stimulation.

When is The Right Time for Slendertone Battery Replacement?

Similar to the Slendertone Ab toning belt’s gel pads, the batteries too should be replaced when they dry out.

The products from Slendertone, come with rechargeable batteries. Once you charge them, they are likely to last 15 to 20 sessions.

The Slendertone belt’s battery last for 2 years, and if you want them to serve for the complete two years, let the charge go down completely before you recharge the battery fully.

Other products from Slendertone range come with the alkaline batteries that can withstand training a maximum of 50 sessions of 30 minutes. This can vary based on the intensity level of the workout.

When you think that the Slendertone Ab toning belt, has to replaced, then you can get them from the market.

They are not specifically designed for the wide range of products of Slendertone, but are usual rechargeable batteries. Get them from the supermarket or the electric stores in your locality.

Does Slendertone Abdominal Toning Belt Show Any Side Effects?

Slendertone is basically a device which is manufactured by Bio Medical Research Ltd. According to their official website electrical stimulation is developed in the muscle tissues which helps in the contraction of muscles just as exercises do.

According to various researches and reviews the benefits of Slendertone belts are overwhelming without any foreseen side effects.

However according to many experts the effects seen are only temporary. Based on this many do not recommend the product for achieving permanent weight loss.

Also it is worth noting that safety of ones body should be the priority while using these belts.

As there are instances of getting burns and shocks while using EMS units (not specifically Slendertone belts) these belts should be used with proper safety.

Where To Buy and Find The Help If My Slendertone Belt Is Not Working?

You might also have a question on how to buy the Slendertone Ab toning belt at a fair price.

You can get this belt from the official site of the product or at reliable online stores like where these are sold at genuine prices.

Slendertone site and Amazon have a wide range of products apart from this Ab belt. You can be sure that you get an authentic product when you place order on the official site.

Also, if you are looking seriously to shed off some good number of pounds, then the site offers info a vast number of slimming and dieting products that would come handy.

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So why not buy them at Amazon and get amazing discounts on your purchase which is available as a limited time offer on these belts.

When you find your ab belt not working, the internet is loaded with all the help you need. In case if your belt is beeping all the time or getting any other troubles you can check the solution online.