The Pro’s and Con’s of Hair Transplants

A hair transplant is a major commitment and with any kind of serious undertaking you want to know the whole story.

You want to fully understand the pros and the cons of taking that big step and following through with it.

Most of the time you commit to something for its benefit but there are risks and sacrifices that come with it too.

hair transplant

The pros to this treatment are –

The hair transplant procedure entails the donor hair being put back onto the scalp and letting the hair grow back naturally.

There is no complex aftercare treatment called for; if there were no complications with the surgery your hair should just grow back without receding.

This is usually just a one-day procedure depending on how many grafts you have, so you go in the morning, have your treatment, and then you’re finished around late afternoon with a brand new head of hair.

It is a costly procedure but may save you in the long run because it lasts unlike some other methods and products currently on sale. The average cost of a procedure can range high depending on how many hairs are grafted.

Lots of people have a real problem with being put under general anesthetic for any kind of procedure. With this procedure you will be under but only from local anesthesia, which means you will be awake. This is also true while they take the donor’s hair.

Hair transplants can really change people’s lives. The confidence it gives back to the individual is huge.

Many people are self-conscious about the way they look, in some more serious cases, they are actually depressed by the way they look. If this treatment can bring happiness back into their life then surely that is worth the price.

The Cons to this treatment are –

You cannot be absolutely certain that the procedure is going to work. Everybody will react differently to this surgery.

The process is constantly being refined but as it is the results will vary. Many people actually do get great results. However, some do not respond so well, so it is a calculated risk.

Cost is another consideration. Hair transplants are not cheap so this needs to be weighed against the risk. You may pay much and then there is no guarantee of positive results.

Then you will be thinking about all the things you could have done with that kind of money. It is a risk and you have to weigh up.

Anytime there is a major surgery you have to know that risk is a crucial factor. No two people have the same reaction to the same surgery.

While the procedures are supposedly performed the same every time, there is no guarantee of complications. In this surgery part of your scalp is going to be ‘cut’ off your head.

They will make an incision along the back of the head for retrieving the donor’s hair. They will take a long horizontal section. You may have to live with around a 5-inch scar that may show, especially if your hair is short.

The fact that they move your hair around means you may end up having less hair overall on your head. But it will be spaced out better making it appear like you have more. Some hair is going to fall out during the procedure and some after.

To summarise, a hair transplant can be an option that is worthwhile because you might end up growing your own hair throughout your lifetime.