About Clavicle Pain

Clavicle bone term is basically used for collarbone and it connects torso with upper extremity.  Fractured collar bone is the main reason for clavicle pain. The various other reasons or causes of clavicle pain are injury to shoulder, ribs or chest.

It is a bone related pain therefore any ailment that causes damage to collar bone also results into clavicle pain.  Clavicle is covered with stronger bones which protects it from any kind of damage. But at times, a strong stroke impact can result into fractured clavicle.

Clavicle Pain

Who suffers from clavicle pain?

When players of wrestling or football gets shocking hit by opponent during game, the players may get injured with a push. Even players of tennis or those games which directly involves clavicle movement under stretched conditions can suffer from clavicle pain.

When player falls down on his own shoulder and gets hard impact on his or her clavicle bone, it can result into fractured bone.

What are the main causes of clavicle pain?

The clavicle pain can also affect a person if there is any kind of injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments attached to collar bone adjacent area. Factors like degenerative arthritis in the neck which damages nerves travelling in neck area also results into severe clavicle pain. Presence of cervical spondylosis inside neck is also one of the reasons for collar bone pain.

Any abnormal activity in heart, lungs, diaphragm and spine can also cause clavicle pain in body. Extreme pain in and around shoulder mostly in the upper part of shoulders too cause clavicle pain. The soreness or inflammation in back portion of neck is a sign of collarbone injury which causes tremendous clavicle pain to sufferer.

All the conditions written above directly or indirectly relate to deformity in collarbone and area that lies adjacent to its which have an effect on collarbone and finally cause pain.

Clavicle pain diagnosis

The clavicle diagnosis process does not involve any deep investigation. A simple and plain clavicle bone X-ray can help in diagnosing clavicle pain. When X-ray clearly shows deformity in structural pattern of collar bone it is an indication of clavicle pain.

Basically most of collar bone fractures can be treated using medicines without any need for surgery. But if a problem involves bad joint, surgery is must to fix the bad angular displacement of fractured parts of clavicle bone. Surgeons use surgical plates to fix issues relating to fractured clavicle bone during surgery.

There are different equipments used for treating different collar bone problems but most of the problems of collar bone can get easily treated by fixing plates on collarbone. Within one month period only, any ailment of collar bone gets easily healed up.

Minor injury in collar bone can be treated by using fracture belt or sling to immobilize collar bone for the purpose of early healing. But for treating major damage in collar bone, surgery for fixing damaged collar bone.

One of the temporary solutions for treating clavicle pain is by using a good quality electrical massager which helps in relieving pain.