Body Piercing – Various Types

Body piercing is a very breathtaking thing to have, and it takes a lot of time to heal the pierced skin part.

One should take proper care about the process as it can affect the skin and body parts greatly if not done properly. With proper care and the best-piercing parlor, one may get perfect pierced skin.

There are different kinds of piercing done for individual body parts. Here three types of piercing are discussed- cartilage piercing, labret piercing, and tragus piercing.


Cartilage piercing

It includes the ear cartilage. The outer region of the ear has less flesh when compared to other parts. This is similar to the piercing of the ear lobe, but the process is complex. Proper technique is required while carrying out cartilage piercing.

Labret piercing

It contains the skin below the lower lips and also piercing on the lips. It is a painful process, and the technique is much more complex and time taking.

It needs to have a proper piercing needle that goes through the skin. The labret jewelry has a thread or simple thin needle that goes through the pierced part and holes the jewelry.

Tragus piercing

In this form, the piercing is done on the small cartilage area at the end of the ear tunnel. Tragus piercing is very painful because the skin it includes is very hard skin and contains a large amount of flesh.

Piercing is indeed a very painful process and takes a lot of time to heal. One must take proper care before and after piercing.

Choose the right place to get the piercing done and take proper care of the pierced skin by using antibacterial soap, ointment, and proper jewelry. Also, try to keep the cartilage piercing, labret piercing, and tragus piercing away from infections.