How to Clean Invisalign Trays and Retainers at Home? (DIY Tips)

Old and traditional aligner braces are not too comfortable and leave you red-faced when you smile.

The basic aligners or braces as they are traditionally called bring you unwanted attention from the people near you.

Clean Invisalign Trays

Unfortunately, due to this unwanted attention, slowly and gradually you lose your precious smile.

Worry not, as you don’t have to experience this anymore.

There are Invisalign braces or so-called dental retainers that can come to your rescue.

These are invisible braces that align your teeth with the same effect that the traditional braces do.

At the same time, it helps you smile comfortably in between the crowd, without any discomfort. With this modern range of invisible Invisalign braces, nobody gets to notice that you have your braces On.

These braces are also easy to clean and since it can be easily removed, you can remove them and clean your teeth as well.

DIY Tips for Cleaning Your Invisalign Retainer at Home

As such there are many DIY home methods that can be used for cleaning of retainer trays.

Different products and kits meant for cleaning these trays are now available and can be well used for this purpose.

Here we discuss some useful tips and best ways to clean your Invisalign retainers’ trays so that it looks new and shining:

1- Gargling:

This is what your mum must have asked you to do when you were a kid. Gargling is a very effective method to remove unwanted food particles stuck between the two teeth. This also ensures that there is no room for germs to make their way into the cavity.

Some dentists advise against using mouth wash liquids as they sometimes leave a yellowish pigmentation making the teeth look yellow or cream in color.

2- Use Normal Soft Bristle ToothBrush:

Use of normal toothbrush and toothpaste for the natural teeth and only brush with no paste for the braces are often recommended for regular cleaning.

Toothpaste sometimes has rough tiny particles in them which can damage the braces. If you do not want to remove the braces while brushing then make sure that you use the normal toothpaste and not the ones that come with whitening agents.

In case if you use clear invisible braces use of a toothbrush is not recommended. As the regular usage of a toothbrush can put scratches on the braces it can ruin its shine over time.

3- Soaking Your Retainers for Cleaning:

Soaking your Invisalign retainers in a homemade solution is a good idea and can help in cleaning your braces every day.

This is one of the best and cheapest methods of cleaning. You can use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide with water to make the solution.

Retainers need to be soaked in this solution for about 30 minutes. Then with a soft-bristle toothbrush brush your retainers. And after rinsing it properly with warm water dry them up for getting cleaned retainers.

According to vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are effective in killing the bacteria and are thus recommended.

It also helps in preventing plaque buildup. Few of the dentists also recommend using mouthwash and denture tablet soak for cleaning the retainers effectively at home.

4- Utilize Ultrasonic Cleaning Device for Retainers:

Ultrasonic retainers cleaner that can be bought online or from stores is most effective in cleaning the Invisalign braces at home.

There are many brands that sell ultrasonic cleaner for retainers and your regular dentist is the one who can advise you on the best ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning your braces.

The device has got a stainless steel tank that is completely detachable and can be easily filled under the sink using tap water. A thorough cleaning is done with the water since it powerfully penetrates the difficult areas.

Some of these cleaning machines come with 5 types of power cleaning setting and three power cycles to choose from providing controlled cleaning from the most delicate and soiled area.

DTMCare Dental Cleaner UV Ultrasonic Sterilization manufactured by DTMCare is an excellent denture cleaning device for Denture, Toothbrush, Retainer, Invisalign, Mouth Guard, and Snore Guard Sleep Retainer.

This UV denture cleaner device has been designed perfectly for commercial as well as residential use. The device is FDA Registered and CE Medical Approved.

The UV Light deodorizes and sterilizes, the harmful microorganisms and bacteria with its powerful Ultrasonic vibration.

The vibrating waves reach up to 17000 per minute to remove germs, stains, and other sorts of bacteria from the dentures. With this ultrasonic device, there is no need to add any liquid solution, just plain tap water.

This DTM care dental cleaner device comes in-built with an energy-saving function that automatically turns off after twenty minutes of use.

This state of art ultrasonic device for dentures will be a useful and long-term investment. It is portable hence, no hassles to take up with you when you are traveling.