How To Make Coffee With Soy Milk?

Knowing how to make the perfect cup of coffee will not only help to ensure that your beverage is delicious, but it will also help ensure that you utilize the soy correctly and avoid it splitting, which it can sometimes do.

To make the perfect cup of coffee with soy milk:

Choose a good coffee – Okay, we know that taste is subjective, but generally speaking, if you want your coffee to taste great, you will need to choose the best coffee you can find.

Avoid cheap and nasty freeze-dried coffees because they taste unpleasant and can take away from the enjoyable coffee-drinking experience. You don’t need to go for expensive gourmet coffee, but at least try to find a coffee with good reviews and feedback.

Use quality water – Water you get at home may be suitable for drinking, but it isn’t a patch on real mineral water. Drinking water at home is treated with chemicals to make it safe for drinking, and this can affect the taste.

When you make your coffee, either use mineral water or if you are using water from the faucet; make sure you invest in a water filter and filter the water before boiling.

Don’t use boiling water – Too many coffee drinkers make the mistake of using it with their coffee, and then they complain that it is too bitter.

If you pour boiling water over the already roasted coffee grounds, you are burning them even more, giving them even more of a bitter taste. Once the water has boiled, wait for 45 seconds and then pour the water over the coffee.

Leave to stand for 2 minutes – Before you add your soy milk to your coffee, you will need to leave the coffee to stand for 2 minutes.

This will help ensure that all of the taste is extracted from the grounds. Leaving the coffee will also help it to cool down, which is important when adding soy milk.

Add your milk, stir, and enjoy – Now that your coffee has cooled slightly, you can add your soy milk, give it a good stir, and enjoy.