Treatment Options for BPH

Many men struggle from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is a common condition experienced as men age.

The main characteristic of BPH is an enlarged prostate, which often results in uncomfortable urinary symptoms.

With advancements in technology, treatments that use surgical lasers have evolved as effective options.

What is BPH

BPH is a condition experienced primarily in older men where the prostate is enlarged. As a man ages, the prostate goes through two distinct growth periods.

The first growth phase occurs in puberty when the prostate doubles in size; the second growth phase begins in the mid twenties and continues at a gradual rate through the rest of a man’s life.

Some men experience a larger growth during their second phase, which often leads to BPH. As the bladder grows, it begins to squeeze on your urethra and cause urinary problems.

Laser Treatment for BPH

Laser surgery is a popular and effective treatment for BPH. During prostate laser surgery, a scope will be inserted through your penis and into your urethra. This laser uses a high concentration of light that generates an intense heat that shrinks the enlarged tissue preventing healthy urinary function.

Benefits of Prostate Laser Surgery

Prostate laser surgery is a great option for BPH treatment due to its minimally invasive yet effective approach. One of the greatest benefits of this procedure is that it solves the root of the problem creating long lasting effects. Rather than simply repositioning the tissue to create urinary flow, the laser obstructs and removes the excess tissue.

BPH is a commonly experienced condition. As men age, many will experience the uncomfortable effects that come from an enlarged bladder. Prostate laser surgery is a great option for treating the root of the condition and creating a long lasting solution. Patients will enjoy a minimally invasive procedure with great results.