Does Dehumidifier Help COPD and Asthma Allergy Sufferers?

Increased dampness in your home (at places like the basement, kitchen sink, bathrooms, etc.) promotes the growth of molds, mildew, and dust mites.

Without you knowing, these allergens can live for a long in curtains, bedding, rugs, and even the air in your home.

The sad part is these are the main triggers for people suffering from allergies.

People with a low immune system are also sensitive to these triggers, which can cause them allergies like stuffy nose, sneezing, wheezing, itchy skin, itchy eyes, etc.

It, therefore, becomes highly important to control high humidity before it triggers.

Installing a dehumidifier in your home can help you control the increased humidity, making it easy for you to breathe in healthy & hygienic air once again.

Does Dehumidifier Help COPD

What is a Dehumidifier?

Simply put, a dehumidifier is an appliance that helps to remove extra moisture from the atmospheric air.

Though there are different kinds of dehumidifiers available in the market, they mainly fall into two major categories or types:

  • portable dehumidifier (for small areas or rooms)
  • whole house dehumidifier (for a large area or complete home)

When you are already suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions (like asthma and COPD), allergens can make your conditions worse.

The need to keep the moisture levels in check is therefore important. It should be neither too dry nor too much humid.

Ideally, the humidity levels for your home should range from 35 – 55%. When you are trying to control the increased humidity problem in your home, the Dehumidifier is the key.

Signs You Need Dehumidifier

In case you notice the below-mentioned signs of moisture in your home, you are in serious need of a dehumidifier.

  • Musty odor
  • Rotting wood
  • A stuffy feeling in the room
  • Wet marks on the walls and ceilings
  • Grayish or white watermarks/stains

Where to Put a Dehumidifier in Home?

A dehumidifier device that is being used for allergies can be placed at any place where there is high humidity found.

However, the following five factors are important to keep in mind while placing a dehumidifier at any place:

Air Flow

Dehumidifiers work on the procedure of drawing in air and then filtering it to give an output of clean and less humid air.

Placing the humidifiers openly is a good idea since anything blocking their path will cause a blockage of airflow.

Usually, the distance is kept from the walls and other large objects.

There is a six-inch rule that all objects should be placed 6 inches away from the dehumidifier.

Dirt and Dust Pollution

While the dehumidifier draws in air, it also pulls in dirt and dust along with the air.

The dehumidifiers are built-in with filters that can trap the particles and filter out clean and healthy air.

So, if anything that is causing dirt and dust pollution itself is placed near the dehumidifier, it will affect the output of the machine.

Sources of pollution that may cause clogging of filters include sawdust, animal bed, etc.


Electricity and water together are always a signal of danger.

Because of this risk, dehumidifiers are to be checked every now and then to see if their filtering of water from the air is being collected into a container or else so that the water might not go through to the electricity and cause an accident.

The dehumidifier should be placed at a significant distance from electric switches and cords in the room.

As a precaution, it is also recommended to check the area of placing a dehumidifier for allergy so that there may not be any water leakage nearby.

Sewerage System

Dehumidifiers are structured to have two elements mainly; one is the internal tank, and the other is a hose that drains the water.

Keeping in the condition the humidity levels, you have to check the tank from time to time to empty it.

If you are using a hose, you have to place the dehumidifier near the drain so that the hose may not cause any water and electricity disaster.

This small distance now can save many lives and property from being damaged.

High Temperature

Dehumidifiers are known to generate a high level of heat while they process the air. This heat can actually, in turn, affect the temperature of the room it is placed in, especially if it is large in size.

Place the dehumidifier in a location that has a large space so the heat is allowed to escape through and dissipate before raising the room temperature.

In case the room is small, and the dehumidifier is working, you can open the windows and doors to balance out the temperature of the room.

Tips for Choosing the Best Dehumidifier for Asthmatics

There are so many types and brands of dehumidifiers available for domestic usage.

As all the dehumidifier machines are not the same and do not work efficiently for asthma patients, you need to check the features and work before making a final purchase.

As such, there are certain criteria for choosing the best efficient portable dehumidifier for your home. You should concentrate on them and analyze them best before buying them. These are as follows:

1- Capacity of the Dehumidifier:

The capacity of the dehumidifier does not refer to the water capacity it stores; it mainly refers to the amount and capacity (rated in pints) to remove the excess moisture from the air per day.

For example, if you see a “50-pint dehumidifier,” it means that the device is capable of removing 50 pints of moisture in 24 hours.

Generally, large-capacity dehumidifiers work better and faster than smaller units. The main advantage of using a large-capacity dehumidifier for your home is that its atmospheric coverage is higher.

At the same time, the tank emptying interval is higher, and the sound output is low.

2- Dehumidifier Sound:

The sound coming out of the dehumidifier, when it is in working mode, is completely unavoidable because it mainly originates due to the rapid movement of the compressor fan.

However, the frequency of the sound may depend on the quality of the unit you choose.

Hence you can choose a dehumidifier for allergy sufferers, which produces less noise. Alternatively, you can select the dehumidifier, which comes with a speed-adjusting feature.

In such types of dehumidifiers, you can adjust the speed of the compressor fan according to the home atmosphere.

The sound from the dehumidifier will also be minimized considerably when you lower the speed.

3- Automatic Feature:

Most modern-day dehumidifiers work automatically.

This means by choosing the latest model; you can sit relaxed and enjoy healthy air by simply switching ON the machine.

If the atmospheric air inside the room is more humid, then the dehumidifier machine automatically works to maintain optimum indoor humidity.

At the same time, an automatic dehumidifier unit detects the water level in the reservoir chamber and switches off when it gets filled to avoid leakage.

4- Energy consumption:

The dehumidifier machine, in general, is a highly energy-consuming device, particularly when it works continuously for a longer duration of time.

Hence when purchasing a dehumidifier, try to select a product that is energy-saving and, at the same time, cost-efficient.

To save power in the long run, the best idea is to purchase an automatic dehumidifier model as it switches off automatically.

5- Initial Cost:

Always keep in mind that you do not ever judge a material’s quality by seeing its price tag.

There may be instances when cheaper models of dehumidifiers may work better than the high-priced model.

While the quality of the dehumidifier should not be compromised, you should choose the size and capacity of the dehumidifier wisely. Not only it saves on your initial cost, but also it can save a good amount of money in the long run.

The conclusion

Dehumidifiers for allergies are now available online and can be purchased easily at departmental stores, hardware outlets, as well as reliable online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and many more.

Ensure that you get an instruction manual with your device so that operating the unit does not prove troublesome for you.

For a longer and more efficient run of your dehumidifier unit, it is essential to check all the parts and filters on a regular basis.

Replacement of defective parts such as filters will definitely assure the smooth working of your dehumidifier, even more than the guaranteed period.

Believe me; you can give your family a good gift by gifting them good health for a lifetime! Choose the best dehumidifier for your asthmatic family member, and they will surely thank you for this.