What is an Inversion Table – How Does it Work?

An Inversion Table is basically a gravitational device that helps you in achieving all the best health benefits by placing you in the required “inverted” state.

This is a great device that is strategically designed like a hammock.

Just as a chair that is curved backward and also folds out straight, this particular table has the desired ability to bend to a certain degree and also has the straps for the right safety and proper support.

Inversion tables are being widely used these days to reduce the pain that particularly occurs in the areas such as the neck, shoulder, upper, and lower back regions.

In fact, inversion table therapy is today one of the most effective treatment options prescribed by healthcare providers for treating various spinal problems.

 Inversion Table

An inversion table is a wonderful device that considerably allows the operator to invert their body to varying degrees to relieve pressure along with stress on the spine and back muscles.

The science behind this is gravity – which is being used to stretch the neck and back muscles in the opposite direction when you are lying in the inverted position.

This works similarly to a traction device (for stretching the spinal columns and neck muscles), which provides great relief to individuals suffering from back and neck pain.

While using an inversion table therapy, the person’s own weight is suspended from the lower body (instead of from the hands in other forms of therapy).

There is a force of gravity that acts, and it helps in decompressing your joints from below the anchors.

Then hanging upside down considerably exerts an equal and opposite force on each of the bones in the person’s body, and this helps in relieving painful conditions such as arthritis, stiff neck, pinched nerve in the neck, spine problems, etc.

Inversion table therapy works naturally (just as a method for traction therapy) to treat painful conditions and helps in reducing the overall stress level by improving the blood circulation of the body.

It also loosens all the bound muscles in the concerned person’s body.

Different Parts of The Inversion Table?

In general, an inversion table that you can find on the market includes 4 main components. These are:

In general, an inversion table that you can find on the market includes 4 main components. These are:

1- Frame:

This is the main component of the machine that holds the table in place.

Usually, there are two safety handles here on the frame to hold so that you get better support without falling.

2- Backrest: 

Next is the backrest, where you lie down your body. Mostly it is made up of soft foam that makes it comfortable to use.

3- Ankle rest:

This is where you place your ankles. This will make sure that your feet are properly placed and not hanging when inverting.

4- Angle adjuster:

Lastly, this is which allows you to control your inversion angle.

By pre-setting this, you can adjust to the desired angle you want to go for.

What are the Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy

The benefits of hanging upside down may be far greater than you think. Here are a few most important of them you should know about.

1- Neck and Back Pain:

The primary use of the inversion table is to relieve the person from neck and back pain.

As these tables assist the user in stretching their neck and back to realign their spine as well as posture, it helps in reducing muscle spasms.

Those who are suffering from chronic back pain problems (such as bulging disks) can also find this particular therapy very useful.

Further, with the help of this inversion table, you will be able to do sit-ups to relieve yourself from neck and shoulder pain in a very efficient manner. This also helps in relieving tension, headaches, and stress levels.

2- Makes You Taller:

Yes, you heard it right! Using an inversion table is one of the most effective and natural ways by which you can grow taller.

By allowing you to hang upside down for partial or full inversion, this machine can help you gain extra height when all other ways fail to do so.

However, do remember that there are no guarantees or definite numbers (of height increase) you should expect.

Sometimes it’s much more than expected, and at other times the increase is so negligible that you can hardly notice. It certainly depends on your body type and many other factors.

3- Helps to Lose Weight:

The other use of the gravity inversion table includes weight loss.

As you can do sit-ups on these inversion tables in a much easier way (as compared to doing it naturally), you can expect to get faster results.

Inverting exercises also help in enhancing blood circulation, which further helps in getting an enhanced lymphatic system.

4- Improves Circulation and Mood:

Hanging your body upside down is much more effective when it comes to improving circulation or flushing the blood all over your body.

By doing this type of exercise, your heart works more efficiently in doing the job. The blood rushes to the head much faster and distributes the oxygen throughout the body very fast while flushing out the toxins.

As inversion improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, it can also enhance the sad mood by alleviating depression and stress.

5- Prevents Further Painful Conditions:

One of the best things about using an inversion table for pain treatment is that it not only works in treating the prevailing chronic painful conditions but can also prove helpful in preventing the painful conditions from developing in the future.

This simply means that even if you are healthy and lead a healthful life, you can find inversion therapy useful for avoiding any pain or stress in your body.

Exercising on your teeter inversion table also helps in preventing/relieving the conditions like knee pain, vertigo, scoliosis, bulging or herniated disc, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, hip pain, etc.

You can just invest a few minutes of your time and use it for exercising and relaxing your tight muscles at the end of a stress full day.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Inversion Table

If you are suffering from back pain and have been advised by the doctor to follow the inversion therapy, there are certain important things to consider while buying an inversion table so that the purpose is fully served.

There will be certain questions that could come to your mind before going for the inversion table, the answers to which will help you to make an informed decision while buying an inversion table.

You will surely want to know which are the best spinal decompression table and whether using them could be painful or not.

Other queries that could crop up include how quickly you can get the benefits by using the inversion table.

Here are some of the important things that you should consider which may help you to buy such an inversion table that could help you achieve your health goals.

1- Features:

Not all inversion tables are the same, and that is why it is important to consider which type of configuration could be the most convenient and beneficial for you.

Check out the controls which are pre-set for rotation in order to ascertain the maximum angle of inversion that could be set.

You should also check on the quality of the material of the inversion table, steel being the most common material used for manufacturing. This will help you to get an idea of the durability and safety of the table.

2- Safety:

Safety is the most important thing which you should consider while buying an inversion table for neck arthritis.

The inversion table should be ergonomically designed to ensure proper safety. Otherwise, you may find that the table is not serving the purpose that you are expecting.

Unsafe inversion tables can increase blood pressure while decreasing heart rate, which can be dangerous when you are in an upside-down position on the inversion table. Long lever handles also ensure proper grip and safety.

3- Comfort and Safety:

Comfort is another important factor that you should consider, as uncomfortable positions can adversely affect your body condition.

Check out whether the lever is long enough for the antilock system. This will help you from bending when adjusting the table.

You should also ensure that your ankles get adequate support so that you feel comfortable while in an upright position.

Cushioned holders for the ankles are an important feature in designing an inversion table for the purpose of supporting the body weight of the ankles. A sturdy base can be safe and secure, allowing total comfort.

4- Space:

Buy an inversion table, considering how much space is available in your home.

Folding inversion tables that are portable can be the best choice, where you will need much smaller space than usually required for storing a conventional inversion table.

Weight is also another factor that should be considered for the portability of the table. Portable tables can easily be folded and moved from one position to another for storage.

5- Price:

Although inversion tables that are innovatively designed are expensive, it is advisable not to go for cheap tables that can make you compromise on the quality.

Compare the prices by searching online so that you can make an informed decision while buying the best inversion table for your good health.

Inversion Therapy Risks and Side Effects – Who Should Not Use an Inversion Table?

Besides the benefits offered, there are certain health risks as well, which are associated with Inversion therapy. You should, therefore, know about them before trying this therapy.

First of all, it is very important that you go ahead slowly when you first begin to use the inversion table.

While in the process, when the concerned individual is undergoing inversion therapy, the person’s blood pressure tends to increase, and the heartbeat reduces considerably.

Individuals suffering from glaucoma, heart disease, high blood pressure, fracture, osteoporosis, etc., are at a higher risk while undergoing inversion therapy.

Pregnant women and patients with excess weight should also avoid undergoing inversion therapy.

This therapy also considerably increases the blood pressure inside the eyeballs and can cause bleeding in the eyes if there is too much pressure applied or inverted for a long.

Hanging upside down aggressively for too long duration can also lead to temporary loss of vision. It can even kill you if not used properly for recommended time intervals.

Be sure that you consult with your doctor and follow all the guidelines available while using your inversion chair so that you can get all the best benefits without any risks imposed.