Diabetic Foot Ulcers – Explore Its Various Reasons

Due to changes in lifestyle pattern, the ailment of diabetes has increased many folds over the past years. At present, 246 million people are suffering from diabetes. By 2025, it is expected that this number will rise to 380 million people worldwide.

Foot disorders are one of the most common and serious complication of diabetes which may prove very costly on one’s health. It has been seen that up to 15 percent of diabetes develop foot ulcer at some stage in their lives.

Diabetic foot ulcers

For complete understanding of diabetic foot ulcer, it is very important to know about the real cause of this ailment. Explore the article below and check out the various reasons for the development of diabetic foot ulcer!


The most common diabetic foot ulcer complication, neuropathy, is caused by damaged nerves in the lower extremity. It is a permanent condition and results into loss of sensation and painful feet.

The loss of sensation further increases the risk accidental injury. For treating this condition, proper attention to foot should be given and self-care can be done. Moreover you can wear custom-made footwear.


Diabetes makes body’s ability to fight infections very weak, thus making your feet more prone to infections. Moreover, if once an infection affects you, it becomes all more difficult to get rid of it.

So it’s best to assess the diabetic patient regularly to prevent the development of any kind of infection and to give best possible cure for diabetes as early as possible.

Poor blood supply (ischemia):

Ischemia is a very serious condition and causes amputations. Ischemia results due to impaired circulation which occurs due to arteriosclerosis or occlusion of tissue.

Impaired circulation leads to reduced pulse which turns foot cold and blue which in turns results into tissue death and eventually in the development of an ulcer. For treating this condition, vascular surgery is needed.

After properly examining the real cause of diabetic foot ulcer, apply the best treatment to heal it as quickly as possible. Biatain foam dressings, biatain Ag and biatain lbu provides you best moist wound healing. For treating wounds that may be at risk of infection, you can make use of biatain Ag.