Hemorrhoids in Children – Handle with Care

The changing lifestyle of the people has given birth to many diseases. Nowadays people are rushing to find a solution for their health issues and various diseases. One such disease which is disturbing many people nowadays is the Hemorrhoids.

A hemorrhoid is an unpleasant disorder which gives much inconvenience to the people. This is commonly termed as piles and it is of 2 types, external and internal.

Both of these types are more painful. Hemorrhoid in kids is so common because children have no control and they sit, play anywhere.

The best thing is treating hemorrhoids in children is very easy and just required some care and prevention.

Hemorrhoids in Children

The causes of hemorrhoids in children cannot be pinpointed or restricted to one reason.

It may be due to constipation, physiological defects such as lower intestines; sitting in the bathroom for a long time, etc. one another cause may be less fluid intake.

Even though this is not much serious and can be treated easily, it should be taken care of immediately. Constipation serves to be one of the main causes of this problem.

Remedies for Treating Hemorrhoids in Children

Parents should be careful in observing their children which will help in such cases. Children should be trained for toileting. They must be insisted to drink more water and fluids.

They must be frequently noticed and asked if they have any pain or difficulties while passing their stools. They should also be told to see for any blood in their stools.

There are some remedies that are very useful for treating hemorrhoids in children.

  • A warm bath to the anal area.
  • Keep the area dry, use a soft towel.
  • Make a variety of salads through which fruits and vegetables are taken in.
  • Cold tub baths can be given which helps in a painful and inflammatory conditions.
  • Plenty of juices to maintain the hydration of the body. As the children play most of the time, there are more chances of getting dehydrated and so maintaining their water levels is much more important.
  • Laxatives are helpful but when children know about it, it is hard to make them take it. So each time different form of laxative should be given mixed with some cookies or any other dishes.
  • Surgery should be the last option and only considered in case of serious problems. To the maximum limit, surgery should be avoided.

Toilet training is an important and foremost part which the parents should do which not properly done will lead to the suffering of the children.

Different Remedies to Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Bleeding Hemorrhoids is not a fatal disease but should be treated on time to avoid becoming severe.

There are many remedies to treat bleeding Hemorrhoids. Even though these bleedings are not serious, but if not treated well this may lead to cancer.

As the medical field is advanced and flooded with many solutions there are some methods to stop bleeding Hemorrhoids too. Hydrocortisone creams are sometimes used in these cases which will reduce itching and irritation.

There are some surgeries like Rubber band ligation in which a rubber band is placed around Hemorrhoids to stop the blood flow.

There are some other surgeries in which the Hemorrhoids itself is removed by cutting it. Nowadays even laser surgeries are also active to treat bleeding Hemorrhoids.

So if you are suffering from this disease find a suitable solution as early as possible before becoming severe.