Manual vs. Electric Citrus Juicer: What’s Better for Home Use?

Searching for the best way to extract lemon juice for preparing a lemonade drink?

Confused between using an electric and a manual lemon juicer?

Don’t know which one will provide better results? Then here is all the help and things you need to know.

manual vs electric citrus juicer

What is a Hand-Held Citrus Juicer?

The handheld (manual) lemon juicer is one where the juicer is held in one hand and the lemon in the other.

It is comparatively a better alteration of the old glass juicer or the plastic citrus juicer.

These hand-held lemon juicers are available in various varieties such as lemon squeezer or a wooden reamer.

The difference between handheld juicers and reamers is that handheld devices squeeze every drop of the juice whereas reamers squeeze the inner membrane of the lemon making it fit to squeeze with hands or a manual juicer.

To use this juicer, first slice the lemon (or other smaller citrus fruits) into two equal halves, along its geocentric midsection.

Then hold the sliced lemon in one hand, with its inside facing the tip of the juicer blade held in the other hand.

Then, turn the juicer blade in a wring motion into the flesh of the fruit, to crush out all the juice from it. Strain the squeezed juice in order to remove out the seeds and other waste.

Benefits of Manual Hand Juicers for Lemon Squeezing

Hand-held manual lemon juicers (when used for master cleanse) do not need electricity and hence, are portable and handy.

They do not consume much of the kitchen space as well. It is believed that the juice produced by using manual pressure for squeezing, retains the nutrients in the juice and is pure.

This is mainly because no heat is produced by pressing which kills some of the nutrients of the juice.

But, these manual juicers have their limitations. They require manual intervention every time.

Also, they cannot be used to produce large quantities of juice at a time.

What is an Electric Citrus Juicer?

In the electric lemon juicer or a citrus juicer, unlike the manual lemon juicer, when the fruit is pressed upon its tip, automatically the juicer’s keeled center turns and squeezes out the juice.

So the user need not squeeze out the juice by twisting or pressing the juicer’s blade into the fruit.

Most of these come with a strainer and a pulp control feature and are thus easy to use.

These are available in stainless steel as well as plastic body and can be purchased as per the comfort.

Benefits of Electric Lemon Juicers for Lemon Squeezing

The best benefit of using electric juicers is they help produce larger quantities of juice in one go.

They can be used for any citrus fruits like grapes, lemon, berries, oranges, etc. the user needs to manually put the fruit pieces into the juicer after which it will automatically run in order to squeeze out the juice.

Which Is The Best to Juice The Lemons Fast?

When the requirement of a juicer comes for juicing lemon and limes for the master cleanse, the main decision is whether to buy a handheld juicer or an electric one.

It is good to first determine what all are required from the juicer.

And whether you actually need an electric one? As such there are pros and cons to both kinds of juicers.

The best type of juicer is selected on the basis of its juicing capacity, trustworthiness, power, customer responses, and cost.

Designed for efficient extraction, the lemon juice press is a humble device to have must in the kitchen, as per my personal recommendation.

If you are very fond of citrus juices and wish to have a durable and highly efficient lemon citrus juicer then choose handheld juicers like these.

It comes at a dirt-cheap price and I love using it in my kitchen for preparing my lemonade and master cleanse drink.

Without any compromise, you can handle it in your desired way and you will surely go to love using it too.

Just place it in the corner of the kitchen and utilize it without any noise from the motor.

Whether you use a simple citrus squeezer or a wooden reamer, squeezing with your hands helps you get more juice than any other device till the last drop.

The decision has to be made based on what exactly we expect out of a juicer. I personally love using an electric juicer when juicing the lemons for my master cleanse recipe.

And therefore the one that meets our needs to the maximum is the best one.

how to extract more lemon juice

How to Squeeze More Juice Out of Lemon?

Lemon juice is considered great for adding taste or as a preservative or as a good source of Vitamin C along with many other amazing benefits it offers.

Every person needs just a few drops of lemon to the food as it cleanses the liver and fights harmful bacteria.

While a good juicer does the work of squeezing juice easily, it is equivalent to juice the lemons with the use of bare hands.

No matter whether you are with the plans to juice a single lemon for a recipe or a basket full of lemons, squeezing without a juicer is something that can be performed any time when required.

Today, most people are habituated to use handheld lemon juicers designed for efficient and easy extraction of lemon juice in an affordable way.

As you get a good amount of juice through juicers and handheld reamers, squeezing several cases of limes and lemons without the use of any such juicers is quite an interesting task.

It can be performed through certain steps and keeping certain things in mind that make the work easy, amazing and fruitful.

7 Tips to Squeeze More Juice Out of Lemon and Limes?

Fresh limes and lemons are the most important part of everyday diet and foods.

If you are short of juicers and wish to get most of the juice from limes and lemons, then break down the lime or lemon with some pressure on it, prior to cutting.

You need to roll the limes on the hard platform with the pressure of the palms which for sure will help you cut and squeeze them without the use of any handheld juicer.

Here are the steps to follow to squeeze more juice with the use of a lemon juicer press to make the ordinary taste of food yummy, lip-smacking, and even unique.

1- Allow the lemon to sit to the room temperature

Limes and Lemons that meet out at room temperature let you work with them in an easier way than the cold lemons.

This makes you squeeze out more juice than normal.

It is because the cold temperature allows the lemon membranes to tighten and solidify the fruit whereas the room temperature makes the membrane softer to squeeze easily with a handheld lemon juicer or just with a hand.

2- Temperate the lemons in a bowl of water

Warm water sets the lemon more than room temperature and makes sit soft to produce more juice.

Fill a medium-size bowl with enough warm water and place the lemon inside it to settle for a few seconds or for a couple of minutes.

Once the skin of the lemons gets warm, pull out the lemons to roll on the platform and follow the next step.

3- Roll the lemons for easy cutting

Take the lemon and roll on the countertop with enough force without any break to squeeze easily.

Roll in such a way that it just gets soft rather than breaking into pieces.

This way softens the inner membrane and the flesh of the lemon to spill the juice out more quickly and easily.

4- Heat up the lemon in a microwave

This method of heating the lemon is better than the lemon juicer press as it helps to produce 40 percent more juice with less effort.

You need to leave the lemon on the microwave lace for nearly 10-20 seconds and remove it to squeeze out the juice.

The skin becomes warm, softer, and even weaker, making it ready to cut, squeeze and use a handheld juicer in a better way.

5- Cut half the lemon to extract juice

It is essential to remove the seeds from the lemon as soon after cutting it into 2 pieces.

The very next, choose the best manual lemon juicer to make the lemon juice for guests or for the recipe at home frequently.

Before buying, compare the price range with reviews and choose the best handheld juicer for comfortable use every time.

You can also try your fingers to squeeze the lemon in case if you want to juice a lemon without a juicer.

6- Try to squeeze with fingers

If you are interested to remove the juice with fingers effort (without making use of any juicer), then rotate and squeeze till all the juice is extracted leaving nothing inside except the dry pulp.

Continue the same process with the other half, which is considered the best by most of the chefs and homeowners.

The pressure of the fingers lets the membrane flow easily and freely out.

7- Use a handheld Juicer to extract the maximum juice

For those of you who do not prefer squeezing the lemons with just fingers, a manual lemon juicer is the most affordable juicer for them as it produces higher quality and sweeter juice than any other commercial juicer version.

Choose the best handheld juicer that lets you press the lemon against the grater and release more juice out of it.

From the above discussion, it is clear that manual lemon juicers are the best and easiest way to use than electric juicers for squeezing the lemons.

Electric juicers extract less juice into the container and are only useful for faster food preparations.

But when you need to get the best quality maximum lemon juice from your lemons, it’s a manual handheld lemon juicer that wins the race.

So why not pick the best that suits your needs and makes everything possible with it in minutes.