Can You Whiten Your Teeth with Banana Peels?

Can a mere banana peel whiten your teeth? In short – Yes you can!

Home remedies can work wonders and the banana peel is widely used for teeth whitening. The peel really works wonders in helping you get the brighter teeth giving you a dazzling smile.

can you whiten teeth with banana peel

Because bananas are rich with magnesium and have high levels of potassium it can easily remove stains from your teeth. All you have to do is remove the peel of the ripe banana and rub your teeth with the insides of the peel for about 2-5 minutes.

The peel rubbing activity should be maintained with discipline and within 3 weeks you will witness stain-free teeth. Unlike other whiteners, banana peel is not abrasive which makes it completely safe to use.

There is an upsurge witnessed when it comes to spending on oral care and why not it is the most important thing as well plays a vital role in making your smile confident.

People spend lots and lots of money on teeth whitening procedure but at times fail to grasp this small, less costly yet effective home remedy for teeth whitening. This wonder cure, banana teeth enamel whitener has proved on an on when it comes to addressing problems of teeth and oral care.

If you are one of them who wishes to have a confident range of white teeth banana peel is the answer to your problems. If you browse along with the web, there is a lot of information relying on whitening teeth.

And no doubt banana peel whitening remedy tops the list because it is safe, no side effects, easy to use, almost zero cost when compared to other teeth whitening treatments, and most importantly gives sure results. What more you want? Your confident smile says a lot; let not suppress it.

Also; you will find a lot of toothpaste brands coming up with banana peel toothpaste. These toothpastes contain active ingredients of the banana peel which helps in whitening your teeth; without harming your teeth enamel.

You can check-out over the online pharmacies, or at nearby stores to improve your oral health care.