Why is it Important to Have Sex At Least Once a Week?

The issue of sex has remained a serious concern in marital relationships. One visible factor that affects sex life among couples is stress.

Men often work themselves out and will concentrate on every effort to make money at the expense of sex. For women, marital problems, coupled with several house chores, can result in fatigue and loss of libido.

Several couples attend to household duties, caring for the kids and other pressing issues at home, and by the time they are through, they would have no time or zeal for sex. Couples should know that a relationship is liable to hit the rocks in the absence of sex.

Reasons for Low Sexual Desire in Couples

Millions of Americans now live in a relationship devoid of sex. There are several factors that can cause this. A few among them are:

  • Stress- stress encountered in daily life struggles affects libido
  • Couples are often busy and tired
  • The effect of a medication like an antidepressant can diminish couples’ libido
  • Lifestyle challenges like obesity can resist frequent sex

Sexless relationships are liable to infidelity, quarrels, and, finally, separation or divorce.

How to Boost Your Sex Life

  • Regular exercise and eating a balanced diet
  • Deal with your stress
  • Minimize the time spent on the computer and the internet
  • Hug your partner often. This is because non-sexual intimacies can initiate a sexual desire.

Why You Should Have Sex At Least Once A Week

The role of sex in a relationship cannot be underestimated. Sex is both fun and free. It should also be regular, at least once per week. Below are some reasons why couples should start having sex at least once a week.

  1. Sex prevents heart attack. According to recent research, men who have regular sex are at lesser risk of this disease than those whose sex life is irregular.
  2. Regular sex increases immunity. This is because it releases immunoglobulin A (IgA), an immune-boosting antibody that resists illnesses and diseases.
  3. Regular lovemaking is a great way of relieving stress. It improves your mood and brings back the happiness that has been lost due to a bad mood. You can now handle sex better.
  4. Sex is an amazing pain reliever. When you are in the act, the oxytocin hormone in you has increased five folds. All forms of aches and pains are reduced as a result of the release of this
  5. Sex improves blood circulation. It does this by making the heart pump blood into the sex organs and the body cells. The used blood is then pumped away together with toxins in it. You now feel stronger and more energetic.
  6. Regular sex burns calories. It brings you back to shape and helps you achieve your desired weight loss. For instance, studies have shown that no less than 80 calories are burnt in thirty minutes of sex.


In the absence of illness or recent childbirth, it is recommended that couples engage in sex at least once a week. No matter the tight schedule of activities, there should always be time set aside for bedroom activities.

It is only when this advice is taken and implemented that couples can start enjoying the benefits that go with sex.