How to Increase and Conserve Your Inner Energy?

You would have listen doctors complaining “I’m so tired all the time”. Such chronic fatigues may be the first sign of physical illness or a subtle signal of depression. Studies have shown that often, fatigues are due to energy imbalance; too much out and too little in.

To stay physically good and mentally peaceful you have to give much time and thought to your energy balance sheet as you do to your household budget. The first stair towards this path is to realize what things sap your energy the most. In most cases, psychological factors outweigh the physical factors. Fatigue resulting from energy imbalance is regardless of age, sex or station in life.

Inner Energy

Two approaches can be adopted to normalize inner energy imbalance:

1. Increasing the amount of energy you take and

2. Reducing the size of your daily energy with drawls.

Let us begin with 7 ways to increase your inner energy:

1- Diet: A balance approach is what you need here. A cup of  black coffee in breakfast and a candy bar or cereal at lunch will naturally be not enough to build up the enough energy reserves for whole day and you will feel tired before the day ends.

At the other side of mirror, over eating leads to feeling of sluggishness. The best way to maintain your energy balance all day long is to start your day with a nourishing protein-rich breakfast.

2- Sleep: Spending nights in misery, interruption and stress make it impossible to be energetic next day. The solution does not lie in tranquilizers or sleeping pills- drugs make your sleep more disturbed in the long run.

The only way out is to explore and identify the root causes of your restlessness and adopt ways to cope up with them.

3- Exercise: Physical exercise is by far the most easiest yet tricky way to boost up psychic energy. A colleague of mine, a woman of high pressure job, told me that she often feels totally worn out at the end of the day.

“When that happens” she explained, “I drag myself home, and just when the home is near, i start jogging for couple of miles; believe me or not it really did wonders for me. I feel much more energetic than previous.”

Physical exercise is the best gift of nature, providing an outlet for daily tensions, anxieties and frustrations to escape. It also enhances quality of sleep.

Now the question is; what type of exercises?

I recommend any activity that causes sweating, increase your heart and breathing rate. Swimming, stationary bicycling, jogging, vigorous walking and even walking fast in your bed room will serve the purpose. However, about exercise, keep three things in mind; examine yourself physically, do it slowly and do it regularly.

Occasional and irregular spasms of exercise are worthless and can be dangerous even.

4- Diversion: Who do not want to go out of the way and do things that are not part of routine work? Vacations are marvelously restorative. If you can’t afford a vacation, even a weekend or a single day of complete change can be energizing.

5- Time out: Affects of relaxing techniques vary in every individual, for example, some people achieve inner peace with just 20 minutes of meditation, others achieve the same effect by a regular program of yoga exercises.
Even, short naps and stretching on bed work for some people.

Conclusion: it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you get away from usual activities and relax in peaceful surroundings for some time.

Now let’s move to ways of conserving inner energy:

6- Set priorities to save your inner energy: Basic of energy conservation lies in examining yourself and allocating bulk of your energies for the things you really care about. This sounds so simple; but it’s amazing how seldom it’s done. As one women explained, “I had hated teaching since my childhood, but to gain extra finances I decided to try my luck being a teacher.

At start, it worked well for me but I soon grew to hate the whole thing and eventually left the job. It was really a waste of my energies. Now, I devote my time and energy to things I really care about- my children, my weaving and my church work.”

7- Look into future and avoid unnecessary energy-wasters: Sort out things you are interested in doing today, when you’ll do it, how much energy you’ll allot it. There might be multiple ways to do a job, find a clever way that takes least of your energy. The advantage of such planning is that it allows you realistically to schedule the energy-drainers.

Many people unknowingly dump their energies by refusing to accept things the way they are. A teenager suddenly found that she has a cancer, a father is shocked to find his son involved in drug abuse, a wife wakes up one morning and find his husband doomed in business world.

These are the disappointments every individual has to endure in his/her life but when things can’t be changed you might as well accept them and make the best of it. Yes, it is not that easy, but what is the other alternative; an endless, exhausting and thrashing against the unchangeable.

Another most common energy waster is chronic indecision. Many people ask me for vitamin pills, when only a few decisions would do more good for them. Hours of discussions, arguments which sometimes turn into quarrels are exhausting and are useless. Making decisions are often better than none.

Another high-list energy waster are such festering emotions like anger, bitterness, envy and the like. These witches cook energy within yourself that could be used for far more constructive channels. No matter how justified and appropriate these emotions could be; the one who kisses it is a big loser.

Moreover, don’t waste your “precious inner energy” by regretting past failures and thinking on the ways you could have done better. It does not mean to stop realizing your mistakes but drawing a line between your “realization” and “energy wastage”.

Learning to live on an energy budget is a gradual process which requires considerable determination, self discipline and flexibility. It’s not easy, but if you succeed, you should end up saving inner energy for far better things- things you really like and want to do.

Author bio:

Junaid, the author of this post, works as a medical teacher by profession. He also loves to write articles during weekends on topics related to alternate healing therapies like group therapy, physical therapy, neuro therapy, etc.

Junaid also believes that, if you really want to lead healthy and happy life, you should rely more on these natural therapies rather than harmful medicinal ways of treating the health conditions.