Home Exercise Equipment – Is It The Answer For Seniors?

Did you know that exercise is an essential element for people of all ages? That is true, exercising the body will help to create better health as well as maintain energy and stamina. Along with all of that, getting adequate amounts of exercise will also boost the immune system and hold back the hands of time. No, it is not a fountain of youth, but you can expect that when you get plenty of exercise you will be able to stay more youthful even as you age.

Home Exercise Equipment

If you have been around for more than a couple of decades, you have probably already heard that exercise is good for you. The reason for this is that people have been talking about the benefits of exercise for a long time. This is true especially since there is no longer a need to get out and work in the garden or go hunting or even do any menial labor just to feed the family.

Many Do Not Get Enough Exercise

Even though most people understand that the simple act of getting plenty of exercise will help extend their lives, not enough of us are getting the kind of exercise that will make an impact of our health. This is particularly true when it comes to senior citizens. As a matter of fact, generally speaking, seniors have been left out of most conversations pertaining to exercise. However, this is no longer has to be the case, and when there is home exercise equipment that makes it even easier to work the muscles of the body there is no excuse for anyone to forego the kind of movement that will help them to live a much healthier and energetic life.

People wishing to stay physically fit must do everything they can to keep the body in shape. This is often done when individuals attend local gyms, but there is nothing that says a brisk walk around the block or park cannot achieve a lot of good for the health of many. At the same time, not all seniors are willing to step out of their comfort zones as they head out to the gym to compete for equipment with youthful counterparts. For this reason, having gym equipment such as an elliptical Schwinn may be just the ticket to encourage a thorough workout.

Seniors Can Improve Health

It was the National Institutes of Health that proclaimed that seniors who engage in moderate physical activity such as exercise are able to improve their health, even those seniors who are frail. What better reason does anyone need to encourage them to engage in physical activity every day? Nevertheless, there are many older adults who are reluctant to even begin an exercise routine.

The reasons behind this reluctance are many, but in some cases it may be that they are afraid they may injure themselves as they participate in an exercise program, especially those programs that involve some type of equipment. Many seem to feel that they are beyond the years when they are capable of participating in strenuous physical activity. Then there are those who may have balance problems who are simply afraid of what will happen if they begin to engage in any type of activity.

The truth is that when seniors refrain from getting enough exercise whether it is with exercise equipment or simply walking around the block, they are doing themselves even more harm. Failing to get adequate exercise allows the body to lose strength, flexibility, endurance and balance which can all spell disaster for anyone of any age including older adults.

Study Proving Effects of Lack of Exercise

Just to demonstrate how the lack of exercise can affect the human body, a study was conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 1966. As part of this study, five healthy 20-year-old young men were asked to participate and all they had to do was have a thorough physical before and after completing three weeks of bed rest during their summer vacation. The result of the study showed that each man had a higher systolic blood pressure, faster heart rates during rest, body fat had increased, muscle strength decreased, and the heart no longer pumped at maximum capacity.

The same thing can happen during any time of life, and may account for so many senior citizens having to take as much medication as they do just to keep blood pressure and heart rate in check. Much of this can be remedied just by participating in regular physical activity. Exercise equipment in the home is a good choice for those who do not feel up to getting outside or going to the gym. An elliptical trainer is just one type of exercise equipment that can be used toward that end, but it is by no means the only one that can help build the strength and stamina that is needed to bring about better balance.

If you are trying to decide if it is time for you to get back into the game and create better health and longevity, it may be time that you checked out what exercise can do for you. You only have better health to gain from the effort.

This is a guest post by Joel. Joel recently discovered the benefits of a walking routine and the great impact it can bring to your health. As result of this, he created a home exercise equipment site where he shares his opinion and experiences with elliptical Schwinn and Sole machines.