How to Remove Tonsil Stones Naturally

Tonsil stones also known as tonsilloliths are getting very common these days. These generally appear as white, brown or yellowish marks on the tonsils and feel like irritating. Tonsil stone  is very hard and made of calcium and Phosphorus. It often has the size of a pea but in rare cases, has been found to grow up to 40 grams.

Tonsil problems are getting more common and its best to cure them fast to avoid more painful conditions. These stones make you feel like something is fixed in your throat and blocking. Also it causes pain in most of the cases which gets intensive if not cared properly and timely.

Removing tonsil stones

How do you get tonsil stones is a question that is needed to be answered before you get the necessary cure for the problem. Also you should look closely for the Tonsil stone symptoms so that you can start the treatment soon. This all will help you get relief fast.

Tonsil stone symptoms

One important thing with Tonsil stone is it never displays a serious health treat even in extreme cases.

You may just have strong pain and discomfort, which most people usually overlook. Tonsil stone can be responsible for many different symptoms that are not always posed in all cases. As it doesn’t show clear cut symptoms that can evident its presence, it is difficult to diagnose Tonsil stone at home on your own.

Given below are some major symptoms of Tonsil stone;

  • Extreme bad breath
  • Pain or inflammation or swelling
  •  big white debris stuck to the sides of throat
  • Ear pain

Removing Tonsil Stones Naturally

Tonsil stones and bad breath are closely related. You may feel that your social life is getting disturbed with the problem like this. But worry no more. There are lots of remedies and cures that are now available for to remove tonsil stones. Also there are lots of natural ways that give you relief without showing any side effects.

Alkalol (mouthwash), a saline solution that is alkaline and contains a combination of eucalyptol, menthol, thymol and camphor combined with the oils of pine, cinnamon, spearmint, and wintergreen is one of the most helpful of all in removing tonsil stones. You can use this for gargle and to get relief from the problem.

Good oral hygiene is also an important step when you want to remove tonsil stones permanently. This involves complete cleanliness. Insist on cleaning your teeth and tongue regularly and see how it gives you fast relief from the problem. You should focus on avoiding the usage of non-alcohol and non-sugar based mouthwash.

Sneezing, coughing and flexing your throat can also help you a lot in removing tonsil stones to great extent. There are also medicinal cures that involve usage of prescribed antibiotics by physicians. But these may not be the permanent cure for the problem in most of the cases.

Tonsil stone can be removed through a minor surgery, performed by experienced ENT doctors. To remove tonsil stones is therefore most important as soon as possible so that it does not provide you more trouble at later stage. Thus using natural methods for removing tonsil stones is the best and can cure the problem permanently.