What is High Blood Pressure – Common Causes and Symptoms

So What is high blood pressure? When flow of blood in veins and arteries is forced under a high pressure, it is referred as high blood pressure. Another name of this ailment is hypertension.

High blood pressure can occur due to weakness of heart, buildup of cholesterol in arteries. Today large number of people world widely is suffering from this non-fatal disease. In Ayurveda, it is known as raktagatavata.


Causes of high blood pressure

The various factors that cause high blood pressure are mentioned below:

  • Age: age is the uncontrollable factor that causes high blood pressure in people. A person who falls under the age group of 35-55 years suffers from hypertension. Women who have attained menopause stage are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure ailment.
  • Hereditary: it is one of the biggest reasons for hypertension. It is sad to say that researchers have not yet able to correlate the reasons for hereditary causes of high blood pressure. But if people take certain healthy lifestyle modifications such as walking, healthy eating habits etc can easily prevent or postpone this ailment to affect them.
  • Lifestyle:  people who are physically inactive are at higher risk of high blood pressure. Lack of exercising, obesity makes people dull and inactive and causes hypertension.
  • Obesity: It is one of the most common causes of hypertension. Increased body weight causes increased level of cholesterol in body which further increases the level of triglyceride in body. Both cholesterol as well as triglyceride naturally increases the chances of high blood pressure and heart ailments in body.All those people who have body index higher than 30 should be very careful and take necessary measures to cut down obesity.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

It is true that hypertension is not a fatal disease, but poorly handled high blood pressure condition can be root to various other serious ailments such as stroke, cardiac arrest, paralysis, cerebral attack and even death.

One of the most common and major symptoms of high blood pressure is headache. So f you experience sudden pain in any temple regions or nape area, get it checked. Having persistent dizziness for a long period of time is another hypertension symptom. It can also cause feeling of nausea and vomiting. Temporary vision problem can also affect people suffering from high blood pressure.

Characteristic pain in the area surrounding heart is also a common symptom of high blood pressure. Fainting, sweating, palpitation, lethargic feeling, fatigue are also some common symptoms of high blood pressure which should not be taken lightly and should be addressed to doctor  immediately so that proper treatment can be taken on time.

Good high blood pressure diet plays an important role in preventing and treating high blood pressure in an easy way. Include fresh fruits, vegetables in your regular diet. Include plenty of fiber rich food items in diet such as pasta, whole grains, whole wheat bread, cereals, brown rice, pizza bread and oatmeal.