Get Your Beach Body Without Leaving Your House

Do you hate taking the time to commute to the gym everyday? Would you rather spend the $50 a month that you spend on your gym membership elsewhere?

If you answered yes to these questions then you’re not alone. For many of us, the convenience and privacy of working out in our own homes is ideal. The problem with working out at home is it’s hard to get yourself motivated and it can be even harder to put together an effective workout plan by yourself.

Beach body

P90X – A Complete Home Workout

Luckily, for those of us who prefer home workouts there are some great videos available. Of these videos, my favorite, without a doubt, is P90X. This video series includes elements of cardiovascular fitness, strength training, flexibility and athletic training. Best of all, it can be done with minimal equipment right in your living room.

Get Your Own Personal Trainer – For Free!

For those of us would love to have our own personal trainer but don’t want to fork over the cash, P90X is practically a virtual personal trainer. This video series is led by fitness trainer Tony Horton, whose upbeat tempo and extensive fitness knowledge make him ideal for this type of project. With Tony by your side every step of the way you will stay motivated while learning proper techniques and fitness concepts.

Don’t Forget To Set Your Goals

In my opinion, one of the most important things when starting any workout program is to set attainable goals, with deadlines, to hold yourself accountable. With P90X you don’t have to worry about the time-line because it’s already set for you. You have 90 days to transform your body into the best possible shape you can. The more you put in your workouts the more impressive the results you will see.

So, if you’re looking to get absolutely shredded you’re going to want to give it 110% every workout. If your goal is just a tone up a bit you can take it a little bit easier. No matter your intensity level, having a 90 day program with daily workouts scheduled will cause you to push yourself more than you would otherwise.

Not The Same Old Workout Again

One of my main gripes with traditional gym workouts is that they become stale and boring very quickly. After finding myself doing the same weight lifting or cardio exercises week after week and month after month I realized I needed to change things up. That was when I purchased P90X.

Right away I realized what I had been missing; It was variety. The variety of workouts you will complete in P90X make it, not only a more effective workout program, but also much more enjoyable. One day you do Kempo karate, the next day is plyometrics and the next day yoga, and so on.

Confuse Your Body – And Get Faster Results!

With this type of variety your body is constantly adapting which means better results faster. The folks at P90X purposely employ this technique, which they call muscle confusion. Instead of plateauing, as you would with a traditional workout schedule, the body is constantly using different muscles in different ways, which promotes more fat loss and muscle growth over a shorter time period.
Don’t Have The Time?

P90X is a great program, however, if you’re looking for and even shorter option Beach Body, the company that produces P90X, also offers a video series called The 10 Minute Trainer. Essentially, the concepts behind this video series are the same as that of P90X, but instead of 50 minute workouts you’ll be completing even more intense 10 minute workouts. I would say that this is a great option for anyone who is serious about getting in shape, but truly can’t spare any time.

I Don’t Work For P90X – I Promise!

Although it may seem it, I have no affiliation with P90X. I simply used the program, saw great results and want to share my knowledge with others. If you’re serious about getting in shape but you’re not a “go to the gym” type of person you should really consider P90X.

You’ll save time, money, you’ll get intense workouts with someone guiding you every step of the way, you’ll get into great shape and you can do it all from your living room!